Daily Blog #144: Sunday Prep- How to Clean your Dab Rig

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers, today we are discussing cleaning your dab rig.

If you have been following me on social media, you know I have been in a big dab phase right now, the wax getting me to my medicated state faster, with less fuss, and giving me such a clean and pure high to really work well in, and also treat all the trouble. It makes for a better work place buzz, and also a more productive buzz, even when it’s an indica wax. Sativa wax totally hacks my already high stoner productivity, so, it has been a big phase of dabs leading to a very dirty dab rig, despite me having cleaned it recently.

So let’s talk about what to use and how to use it, when cleaning a dab rig.

Now, with most pieces I clean, I use the classics, isopropyl alcohol and salt…

Isopropyl Alcohol and Epsom Salt- These classics provide deep cleaning power and abrasion to get pieces cleaned fast, and works well for bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

It also, can work, for dab rigs, but the nature of vaporizing wax leads to a dirtier piece in a different way. Namely, weird wax resin deposits instead of resin. If you thought resin was bad…wait till you deal with dab rig resin.

Now, full disclaimer, the old fashioned method WILL work, but it can take a lot longer, and in my case, I am already doing dabs to make the best use of my time, so I need my dab rig clean as quickly as possible.

So…I actually use a cleaner.

Now, all stoners have VERY strong opinions about what makes a good cleaner. Some people, like myself, insist upon the affordable classics that let you keep a clean piece most of the time.

So, what cleaner do I use?

I use Resinate, at the moment, and for this cleaning. This stuff works well, and to me, it works like the classics, but in a more enhanced way. it has the salt as an abrasive material, or something similar to that. The chemical is a cool green color, and the cleaner has to be shaken, vigorously, which makes it kind of glow.

The glowing color looks pretty awesome, and once the mixture is glowing and shaken, pour it on into the rig. I use the same rule as with any other piece, and pour the solution into any open available spot, and shake.

Now, many people say you don’t even need to let it set very long, and I am inclined to agree to a point. I do the first shake and see what happens, and then will oftentimes let it set for five minutes or so, longer if I have a joint or blunt to smoke while I wait, or some dishes or something to clean.

Once I am done waiting, however, I shake it around again, use pipe cleaners if needed, and get that piece all cleaned and pretty.

Now, as you may recall, I am a big fan of saving the isopropyl mixture, to save money an resources, and the cleaner is even more expensive and harder to find so…

Yeah, I save the cleaner too. I pour it right back into the bottle, if I had emptied the bottle on this piece, or a separate bottle (like an unused alcohol bottle) if I only used a little and still had plenty of unused solution in the bottle, to make the fairly expensive solution last longer.

After I have poured this solution back into the bottle, I rinse it out thoroughly, rinsing several times with cool water, and completing the process with a smell test to make sure all solution is out of the piece. You should smell nothing but clean glass and water, but smelling old resin or wax is acceptable as well…the key is to not smell the chemical cleaner or whatever cleaner you used.

Once you have ensured you have rinsed the piece out thoroughly and properly, load with chilled water.

For cleaning the banger, I use the same method as I do with the bong or bubbler bowls, placing the piece into a bowl with the cleaning solution so it can soak, and then using a pipe cleaner to help clean the rest off.

For the banger part of the bowl, the part where the wax goes in and is vaporized, I will sometimes use my torch to burn anything left off of it.

And there you have it, one beautifully cleaned dab rig, ready for all the fat dabs and awesome wax concentrates you can do.

I hope this helps you clean your pieces and enjoy a nice smoke.

Thanks for reading!




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