Daily Blog #150- Sunday Prep: How to clean your bubbler

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers!

R.I.P. To this beautiful peice. 

Today’s blog is not sponsored, but is in memorial of the bubbler I used when first photographing for this blog.

Upon completion of the photo session and cleaning time, my cat jumped on the table, and broke this bubbler, breaking my heart, as it was my favorite piece.

So, this blog is in memory to our fallen bubbler…Taken too soon from us. Gone, but never forgotten.

Now, if you have read one of my blogs on how to clean your piece, you probably already know how we are going to do this, but for a brief refresher…

First, gather the supplies.

You will need: Isopropyl Alcohol- or prep alcohol, rubbing alcohol. Shit that hurts on an open wound.

Grab something abrasive that wont dissolve in the alcohol, like a salt. You can use a table salt, a kosher salt, or my suggestion, some Epsom salt.

Why Epsom salts? Because a giant bag for a couple of bucks is much cheaper than the kosher or table salt will be.

A couple of pipe cleaners, or paper towel, or something pokey.

A small bowl.

Take the bowl off, scrap any old resin or plant material out, and then pour some of the salt all over it, while holding it over the small bowl. Now place the salt covered bubbler bowl into the small bowl, and cover with alcohol. If you have been smartly saving your old alcohol from past pipe and bong cleanings, this is a great chance to use the old but not as clean alcohol that you want to throw away, but want to get more use out of.

Now, for the bubbler itself.

Empty any old water out of the piece. Flush a few times with warm water to dislodge any old resin or plant matter. Once you have rinsed what you can, pour in some of the salts. I suggest pouring some in each opening, to really get some of the abrasive material on all parts of the piece, namely the parts that will have the most collection of resin.

Once you have poured some salt into each possible place, add your alcohol.

I generally will swish it around, just for a second, and then let it set for a few minutes, at least five, but often more like an hour. I will go, smoke a bowl, work on the blog, whatever, and then come back to the cleaning of the bubbler when I am done. This also works well when I am cleaning the place for company, I start with soaking the pieces and then clean them up when I get bored with the other cleaning.

After I have done whatever other crap I want to do, I return to the bubbler. I use my pipe cleaners, which for this awesome piece is more than enough, and scrub all resin off the inside of the piece. Most of it will come off really easily, if not all of it.

I will also generally turn my attention to the bowl that has been soaking in the small bowl and make sure all the resin comes off of this easily as well. Sometimes the bowl, having more material on it than the bubbler, will need more time, and I have found that removing the layer that wants to come off makes that extra soaking time that much more helpful.

Once I have both pieces cleaned of all the resin and plant material, I power the alcohol back into the correct containers, mixing not as used and dirty alcohol with similar levels of used, and the dirtier stuff gets either tossed if it’s too dirty, or stored with similar dirty alcohol, for future uses. This helps make it last longer and cut down on expenses, and also environmental impact.

Once alcohol has been poured into the correct bottles and stored away, I use cool water to rinse the pieces out several times, to ensure no little grain of salt or drop of alcohol remain. The “smell test” when you think you are done rinsing comes in handy here.

If you have cleaned and rinsed properly, you should smell nothing but clean glass and water, maybe the hint of weed if it’s an old bong, but never should you smell alcohol. If you smell alcohol, keep rinsing.

Once the bubbler is fully rinsed, use a microfiber cloth (or a paper towel or whatever, I prefer microfiber) to dry the piece off, to prevent it slipping or just having ugly water spots. Dry the bowl off, because you won’t want to have wet weed, and then fill the bubbler with the correct amount of cold water.

Fill bowl, light bowl, and enjoy!

I hope you have found this “how-to” helpful!

Thanks for reading!




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