Daily Blog #152: Roller coaster days and a quest for daily balance.

Monday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today has been a fun roller coaster! Started out very tired, because I did not sleep well, but then quickly bounced back. Power of positive thinking, manifestation…or weed and coffee. Or maybe all of the above.

I got to work, kicked ass, and until almost noon, had a crazy good morning, despite having SO much work to do. Like, had some massive piles of crap on my desk, and managed to get most of it cleared, painlessly, in a timely manner.

Now, I am trying to catch up on some filing ( a never ending job) while watching some Zombie content in the background, at the moment, Zomboat, no surprise there. The never ending filing is one of my work projects, but it isn’t as high on the list, and I keep hoping we will have an intern who needs something boring to do, or something, because I inherited cabinets that weren’t really alphabetized, and I need someone to kind of help me get the whole thing back on track…I know the help won’t come and I will just do it but…Ugh. In the mean time, I try to at least file what I can and get some of the pile down and caught up.

I am currently in the middle of also trying to get a bit more organized, and also on top of my daily content and also side hustle businesses. If Bret and I want to move in a year, we will need extra income, and I will need my side businesses earning enough to pull my weight in our partnership. I promised myself I would leave this job to work for myself, so I don’t want to just take another job in Michigan, although I do anticipate that I will take a small job that I enjoy, for fun, I do not foresee that job being the bill paying job.

I like having some place to go, and even when I have worked from home in the past, or not needed extra funds, I have worked small jobs outside the house, or even volunteered, because I like to have a place to go once in a while, otherwise, I easily and gladly turn into a recluse.

I suppose I will look for content creation, copy writing, or cannabis related work, the later preferably involving growing, as I have experience, talent, knowledge and skill in doing so, but I also have those things for content creation and copy writing.

I actually have a list of blogs I plan on writing, as well as some posts planned, and my to-do list has seen some stuff crossed off. This week looks to be a very busy week, as I implement my slightly selfish goals of shedding my ego and doing what is good for me, which is, admittedly, a longer process that will last much longer than this week, but it does start with this week.

Anyways, I have a ton to do for my writing, and a ton to do at work, so I do need to get some stuff sorted before the day is over and I am staring down the second half of the day wondering how to make it all happen.

Oh Shit.

It’s much later, like nearly eleven, and I have spent much of the evening reading and writing, but not blogging, and now, I am realizing it is nearly eleven and I don’t have a blog for tomorrow.


So, here I am, scrambling, wondering if I should try to finish one of the more traditional blogs, or this Daily Blog.

Today has gotten away from me, because I have been hard at work getting shit done, which isn’t a bad thing. Work was very busy, very hectic and such, which was fun, in that not really kind of way.

But I did squeeze in a little writing while stuck on hold, and I did work on one of the blog ideas I had for a traditional blog, but I don’t think I want to rush and finish it, so I think instead, we shall do this.

I managed to work out today! I also made a few healthy eating choices today and didn’t eat like TOTAL crap! I have stayed on top of my water production, I made GREAT headway with some plans for Flake City, including fleshing out a type of zombie, (oh yes, it is, that deep), and even naming it. All in all, it was productive, and I feel good about my efforts, even if this blog is a big…ahem..short.

But, I do have several blogs coming, and I have noticed sometimes its nice to have a short blog, and they don’t all have to be around 1,200 words or so, which is actually less than my average word count.

I do still have a bit more writing I am hoping to get done, and I would love to get up early enough to get to work and get some stuff done before the day gets going and work gets busy again. Work has been crazy busy for me and I would kill for a slow day where I could maybe slack off a bit.

Alas, not this week. But, I am hoping that I can get enough done to maybe take Friday off to catch up on stuff and tackle the ever growing to-do list. At this point between Flake City, the blog, the apartment, and my job, I have several massive to-do lists.

Life is all about balance, and with a few side projects I am not yet blogging about, on top of the other stuff, I am becoming pretty good at balancing stuff…the trick is the everyday stuff. Like, I would love to do work outs, reading, one cleaning project, some daily cleaning, my full time job, healthy meals, meditation, knitting, and some side projects, every single day…but lets be real, mathematically that doesn’t happen.

Eight-nine hours every day minimum working, working out can take an hour, it probably should be longer, basic cleaning takes at least thirty minutes, basic grooming takes an hour (night and day) at least. Blogging can take a couple hours, my creative writing absolutely does. Formatting, editing, and scheduling the blog tends to take at least thirty minutes to an hour. Making dinner can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, reading can take a very long time, considering how easily I lose myself in a good book…Before you know it you have already lost hours of the day. Little micro losses in time also happen, things like talking to my partner, getting on a random tangent, social media takes a chunk of my time as well even with the multi tasking, jotting notes, watching something entertaining, even a short vlog, plus my daily reading of fellow bloggers, with always takes up an hour or so of time but other people and their art, matters. I easily spend several hours a week supporting other artists, and that time adds up too.

Mind you, I am not complaining about any of it, but the art of balance is not lost on me. The art of preparing for that balance isn’t either, and much of that prep also takes up some time. For example, I just lost thirty minutes getting few posts for myself and the pets made up for Instagram, checking twitter, and checking over my lists for the evening.

working the office GIF by EditingAndLayout

Also The Office. Whatever. I’m human.

So, I need to make the cover photo for this blog, format, edit, and schedule this blog. Then I need to do my face/evening routine, get ready for bed, all that jazz, and as that it is just past 11:30, I need to get that part of my evening started and probably need to multi task my ass off to make it happen.

Balance is a tricky bitch.

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep seems unlikely right now. I know it is best for my health and stuff but I think I am better off trying to at least eat healthy and work out, since sleeping the full eight just isn’t feasible right now, with everything going on.

I mean, c’mon, it’s pretty hard to do 18 hour days, but it’s even harder to try to do everything I need to do in any less time than that. The art I am making, the stuff I am doing, it isn’t easy. Sometimes the sacrifice is a social life, which I have already pretty well gotten rid of, and sometimes the sacrifice is not sleeping more than five or six hours.

So, I need to get to stuff, and not ramble on, I apologize if this Blog was a bit short or random, but let’s be real, most of us watch vlogs that are much more random or read weird satire stories here and there, so it’s probably okay that everyday isn’t the same kind of stuff, because everyday isn’t the same.

And I am here for the real life feel.

Thanks for being here for the real life and of course…

Thanks for Reading.




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