Daily Blog #154: Knitting stuff together and trying to make good choices.

Greetings and Salutations my blog friends, today is Wednesday, and I am determined to have a good day.

I am trying to get back at it, and bounce back. The problem with the thing that happened yesterday was it was a catalyst for me thinking and reflecting on other things. related to it, and it got me really digging into some things.

But now, it is a new day, and I am hoping for better days to come, too.

I have a bunch to get done at work today, my hopes are to get time to write before the end of the day, and if not, I will when I get home.


Greetings again! It is almost seven, and I am eating some dinner, updating the blog. I did some writing today, and ended up making great progress this evening, knitting together some of the parts of Flake City. This evening I am hoping to do some more of that and or doing some writing for some blog post ideas I have.

Today I have been working more on my sustainable, healthier, living by eating smaller portions, because ya girl can throw the fuck down on food, and I will, all day every day. Basically…I have been hungry all damn day.

I may have to tweak the system a bit, because I hated how hungry I felt, but I am going to keep working at it for a week or two and see if it gets easier. I am hoping to maybe find a sustainable balance with snacking, nice healthy snacks.

Problem is I really prefer eating larger amounts of food. Anyways, I am hoping I can walk myself to a healthier place by eating smaller portions. Drinking water helps, I’m told, and coffee also helps me, so…maybe.

Anyways, I am more pleased with the writing, and I am looking forward to doing that. I finished my dinner, still way hungry, but I am going to wait a bit and see if I can drink some water and move past it. It doesn’t help that I am super sleep deprived right now. I need to get to bed early, to try and fix that, because I am worn the fuck out, and I can’t stand being this tired.

So, for the evening, I am gonna do some light cleaning, like dishes, and then some writing, either Flake City or blogs, and hopefully, get to bed early.

I also want to do a bit of knitting, just a little, make another one of my face scrubbies, I am trying to make a bunch so I can give some to friends and sell extras online maybe.

The work I am doing in Flake City is much like knitting. I have some giant chunks of story, some smaller chunks, all these different writing files, that I am working into one big one, for my release and publication of Flake City.

And in the end, when I am done knitting strings into patches, and patches into something else.

Flake City is something else, that much is for sure.

Anyway, it’s half past seven now, and if I get to it, I can maybe get some knitting, both written and actual, done, and also some writing, maybe some blogging, and with luck, be in bed by midnight as to not be dead ass tired tomorrow. Thursdays. I can’t let the Thursday curse win.

So, maybe I will update this later, but it is more likely that I will get lost in writing, so, to prevent myself from being exhausted in the morning because I didn’t finish the blog and stay up late scheduling it.

Make good choices everyone.

Thanks for reading.




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