Daily Blog #155- Productive Thursday leading to a fantastic weekend.

Greetings and Mother Freaking Salutations, my blog friends!

It is FRIDAY! We made it!

Okay, it isn’t Friday yet, it is actually Thursday night for me, but it is so close to Friday, and I know this blog will go up on Friday morning, so…Happy Freaking Friday!

It has been quite the long week, but we made it.

So, to recap, I had a very busy day at work, and writing wise, I first draft wrote ten of the blog posts from my blog post ideas list, to clear the list, which had grown too long, and now I am looking forward to a weekend of editing and illustrating them, to then have them in draft form ready to schedule whenever I need, or to schedule ahead of time, based on my schedule. Like, for example, next Saturday when I will probably not have time, Friday night, to schedule the blog for Saturday.

I now have ten posts to pull from. Amazing. So, plenty to work on tomorrow, which is when actual Friday begins.

Tomorrow I am marked off, but I will be going in for a little bit, a couple hours, to finish some things up and round off my hours for the week. Afterwards, however, I plan on leaving early, and coming home, hopefully to dive into some writing and editing of the ten blogs and Flake City. I am hoping to finish this first little round tomorrow and dive into writing some of the bits at the end of this portion, and start looking at how to structure the second “part” of Flake City.

I may also blast some music and clean, or I may save that for Saturday. Bret is doing something tomorrow, I think maybe another tattoo, because he is hooked on those now, apparently, and my friend Tina wants to come over to pick my brain about something. I’m not sure how much help I’ll be for it but she thinks I will be helpful so we shall see. Anyways, other than that, my plans for the weekend are simply to get the cleaning done, get some laundry done, and write my ass off. I would like to maybe work on the bedroom some more, but we are stalled out in there for a moment so i don’t know.

Anyways. I am very excited for my chill weekend, and I am hoping to get a small ton done, without burning myself out too much, so I can be well rested heading into next week. Work is pretty wild and busy, and I need to be well rested to do my best at it and not fuck anything up too bad.

Today was a pretty okay Thursday, all things considered, and in order to really be off to a good start this weekend, and next week, I think I am going to get myself to bed as soon as possible, and work on this sleep debt I have accrued.

The main lesson of today was to use every moment you have wisely, and if you are very lucky, you will get a ton done and have yourself set up for success.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for Reading.




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