Daily Blog 159: Tuesdays, blogging, and how obsession can be a good thing.

Greetings and sincerest salutations, blog readers and friends!

It is currently Monday Afternoon and it has been a madhouse!

I have plenty to update the blog with, but also no small amount of work to do, so I will likely be doing most of my writing this evening, but, I wanted to start this post and get started on it, to make updating it later, if and when I have time, that much easier.

Tuesday Afternoon

Oops just kidding, I never updated the blog. Today is a new day, however, and one of the blogs I wrote last week came in handy for posting today.

Tuesday is my biggest “read” day- when I get the most views on the blog, so it felt great to drop a blog about a topic that meant a lot to me: Reading is Fundamental.

Which shows my method is really working! I ended up spending a ton of time editing last night, working on the Kaya half of the story with Flake City.

Kaya (and in large part, Sam and the radio station) has her story start after Chloe, Damian, Charlie, Moria and Chev have been dealing with zombies for a few days, and we go back to see how the other side of Flake City handles the outbreak, and observe a few marked differences.

The problem with writing a complicated story like I am is having the information be different based on perspective while keeping the story feeling accurate to continuity. In the end, the whole thing should make sense, but I want to give those who do read carefully and closely, like me, a good experience, putting together the larger mystery and story of Flake City- because this isn’t your average zombie story.

It couldn’t be. Not with someone like me writing it. I spend ENTIRELY too much time thinking about zombies. Not just what I would do in the case of a zombie outbreak, but how certain areas, communities, and situations would play out when zombies showed up.

Not to mention every time some new virus shows up, which really makes you confront the reality of how much stronger viruses can be to our strong amazing, but ultimately still human, society. This constant reminder of viruses, plus the knowledge that we are straight up HAVE things that create zombie activity in animals.

All it takes is one virus crossing the species barrier, and we are all living some twisted version of Dawn of the Dead. One weird virus from the Green Flu in Left 4 dead, one weird fungal infection from The Last of Us, one terrible lab experiment or terrorist attack and the Walking Dead is our horribly dramatic reality.

So with zombies frequently on my mind, Flake City has grown, because I respect the zombie world of content. I don’t want zombies for zombies sake, I want to look at zombies in their entirety, what they mean and represent, what they bring about, and how the world, contained to one city or not, could change in an instant.

I’m obsessed, some would say, with zombie stuff, and frankly, at 32, I would struggle to argue.

I mean, I am currently watching a playlist from @WowSuchGaming on YouTube about why you wouldn’t (Or would) survive various zombie situations. After that, probably will watch Left 4 Dead play through videos, or some other piece of zombie content, or some video on how viruses spread. The later serves as research for a character who is a viral infections expert, the rest just serves to help me have a better pool of knowledge to pull from when i work on my own zombie story, to ensure I don’t just write another zombie story.

No, what I am doing, is much more than another zombie story, and as egotistical as that may sound, I stand by it.

When you are obsessed with something, you learn it, you learn the ins and outs, and thankfully, because people like me debate this stuff nonstop, you don’t even get the luxury of a single way of thinking.

Hell, we don’t even have the single kind of zombies. We have slow moving ones, runners, special infected, plus all the demented stuff my zombies in Flake City do…

No spoilers, but the thing I personally have always feared with zombies, happens in Flake City.

Its actually happening right now, in the part I am in, which is likely why I am working on editing the rest of the story in this section- Fear of the scary zombies I have dreamt up.

Still, while obsession can be annoying and bothersome (Sorry Bret, I know I drive you crazy), it does lead so someone really knowing a subject and developing a world you can get lost in.

Writers, hell, all creatives, can use a healthy dose of obsession.

That being said, my v-day present to Bret, other than the cute crocheted baby not Yoda I got him, will be not putting on zombie stuff after work on Friday.

Because I am the one obsessed, not him.🙂

Anyways, I have a company meeting that will keep me at work quite late, so I will wrap this up here, and spend my little writing time this evening scheduling this blog, illustrating a review I meant to post already, and editing Flake City.

Thanks for Reading!




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