Daily Blog #161: Happy Valentines Day

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Friends!

I wanted to do a blog about the history of Valentine’s Day but once I searched it I realized I would rather talk about what I personally see the holiday as good for.

Valentine’s day- as a kid growing up was another day I would be pressured into pairing up with a dude, and I very rarely wanted one. Still, pressure is what it is. I hated it, but I liked the candy.

My favorite Valentine’s days, before Bret, were spent solo.

OH! Like the one year I bought myself an Xbox, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, a headset, etc etc, and played Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 all weekend.

But I do love any holiday where chocolate is more accessible, and eventually discounted. Same with flowers. If you are a crafty person, you probably grab up all the discounted crafts, chocolates, and flowers and make a bunch of arts and crafts, saving some for the next season. Hello bath bombs with real flower petals in it.

For a while, I celebrated steak and blowjob day, the 14th of March, but then I realized with how much women are ALREADY expected to put out on V-day, so fuck that.

So then, Bret, beautiful Bret, on one March 14th, made it “Sushi and Soak” day, buying me sushi, mini bottles of wine, and bath bombs, letting me enjoy a wonderful evening.

@cosycrafts On Instagram- Go follow and support her, she is CRAZY talented

After that, both holidays kind of became a time for us to just be nice to each other etc etc. This year I got him a hand crocheted little Baby Not Yoda from a creator I adore named Emma, (Go follow her and buy her stuff), and I am hoping to figure out a (CHEAP) delicious meal for us to have tomorrow evening.

I am co-hosting Poshmark Party tomorrow, and I am leaving work early to dedicate my time and attention to that party, and to also get a head start on any dinner plans for the two of us. I would like us to have a really nice meal and have a wonderful evening together, and, since Bret doesn’t read the blog, I can talk about my plans.

We have a bottle of champagne from NYE still, so I think we will pop that open, if not, maybe Saturday morning for mimosas. We both enjoy mimosas, so maybe we will have those for dinner too…but champagne sounds like a nicer drink for the evening.

I am hoping to pick up some strawberries and maybe make some chocolate covered ones (maybe infused chocolate??). Struggle Meals had a dual flavor Panna Cotta that seemed pretty affordable but the chocolate covered strawberries should be cheaper- more so if I use kief I have on hand to infuse the strawberries.

For the meal, I thought about a pasta type thing, Bret isn’t great with red sauce so I was thinking of maybe making a Alfredo sauce, because he loves my Alfredo, but I also haven’t really decided. I would love to make a steak or something but I don’t think that is in the budget, whereas an Alfredo with broccoli is very much doable- I have most of the stuff needed, but the Parmesan would be expensive.

(OH! Struggle meals has another video out, for a pasta recipe, good for Valentine’s day. Dope.)

So I am still going round and round on what to make for our lovely meal, something affordable but a little special, so we can have a chill and lovely evening.

Probably just smoking weed and playing video games because neither of us are big go out type people, and we both have writing to work on, as well, so…a quiet but nice night in is a great way to spend the day.

Anyways, the big occasion comes the day after when you race to get the clearance candy before the stores start pulling it to save for next year.

I love getting discounted candy. But I also ordered 8 boxes of girl scout cookies, so…if I don’t get discount candy, that’s okay.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Friday, weather you celebrate valentines day or not.

I HIGHLY suggest you all consider a be your own Valentine kind of day because the times I have done that still stand out as the best.

And you should always practice self love.

Because you matter.

Thanks for reading!




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