Daily Blog #162- The start of the 420 Prep Blog Series

Greetings and salutations!

I am here to announce the start of a new blog series, one that covers…

All the prep I will be doing for 4/20!

It all starts with a plan for the month of awesome.

You see, I tend to go hard for 4/20, enjoying any holiday where it is semi socially acceptable to indulge in cannabis culture, smoke a bunch, cook for friends, and have a good time. So much so that I negotiated always having 4/20 off, no matter what, every year, when I took my job. I didn’t get many demands, so I am always proud of this one, as an accountant, this can be a tricky time of year to get off, more so in our business, when that time of year can be busy.

But THIS year, we have a WHOLE MONTH of 4/20, in so much that the entire month of April is the fourth month, and the year is 2020, so it is 4/20 all month long.

So I will be going a bit…harder, in some way or another, and will be very excited for it, no matter what. Onto my plan notes.

Edibles are cool but nice ass infused food is even better, I think. Last year I made a nice selection, but I knocked some of my friends on their asses with the spinach dip, so while I will make it again, because some people liked it and everyone liked the flavor, I need to modify the recipe, have more CBD items as well, an expand the menu a bit. I also want to have more of it prepped ahead of time, so I am able to enjoy hosting. Maybe some things I can toss in the oven as needed, or remove from fridge as wanted. I want a few of the pre-rolled cigars that are covered in hash and wax. I will roll a ton of blunts and joints, and likely have all the pieces cleaned, loaded, and set up on like a bong table.

I may even decorate, but I also may not, and just double down on weed and food.

I also don’t know if I will be inviting a ton of friends this year. Amber and Damon, of course, will be invited, but I don’t know if I want to put all the work and effort that goes into hosting for a bunch of people when half of those people aren’t really…friends.

So, here are some thoughts on this. I will be prepping and blogging about it. My first step, which I started mid last month is collecting hash in the grinder, so I can use it for cooking and pre-rolls.

I will also want to have a nice selection of wax for dabs, so…I better get to work and get to earning the money because even if I don’t invite anyone over, other than family, it will get expensive.

For 420 I will be making infused butter, and probably infused oil, and then I will use wax for the rest of the infusing.

Anyways. These are my notes, and from this, I will formulate a menu, a guest list, entertainment/acitivities, and will organize and clean our small living room and kitchen to have the area prepared for company. I will try to decorate, if funds allow, and if I can get the string lights we have in the right shapes, like the cannabis fan leaf I have been wanting to create in green string lights.

And this blog post is mostly here to tell you 1:) I do take the holiday of 4/20 very seriously, and with this year being 2020, and April being a whole month of 4/20, I want to go hard, as it were.

2.) I will be documenting this process on the blog because #cannabisblogger.

3.) Ask you if you want to see anything special or have any cannabis party related questions

4.) Serve an under served market, namely, party planning with cannabis.

I hope you all enjoy this blog series. If you have any questions or want to see any part of the planning, let me know in the comments or by DMing me on any of the social media I am on- @Abbigrasso

Thanks for Reading!


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