Daily Blog #165- Pushing myself and trying new things.

Greetings and salutations blog friends!!

It is bright and early Monday morning and I wanted to start this blog post! I am about to get ready for work- to head in and be there early for processing payroll hours. My goal is to also work on this daily blog a little as well as some other blog post ideas, before having to start my day fully. If not… the usual writing while on hold, will be my tactic today- as I tend to find myself on hold on Mondays more than any other day it seems.

FIRST thing in the morning, NO makeup, no decent lighting. Please, no judgment.

Anyways, if I’m going to do these things I need to get ready first- but I wanted to jump on and start this blog post, because as you may or may not know, it is way easier to work on a blog when you’ve already started it.

So now it is later. I got to work nice and early and was able to get my bigger tasks for the day out of the way that much earlier. Our emails aren’t working this morning, however, so while it is peaceful now, I need to solve that problem and then I am sure I will be flooded with emails.

I feel pretty good though, about my efforts this weekend and this morning, and I think I am nearly at a point to be able to get ahead on some of my art and start making better choices in regards to my physical health.

This week I am investing in the stuff needed to make healthier choices for food, and also to work out more. We are going to try our hand at smoothies for breakfast, and I am forcing myself to actually work out more. I think I may pick up some light hand weights for while I do my stationary bike, in addition to more working out in general.

Neither Bret nor myself are happy with how we look, or feel, and to me, the latter makes me determined to put some effort into my health.

I may hate working out, but I hate feeling even more tired than I should, all the time. I don’t like being winded on a walk I do twice a day, I don’t like being tired from walking up stairs, and I don’t like how my weight is hanging on my body.

I am all about a curvy figure, and I don’t buy into the “be super skinny to look pretty” mindset, but I do know what unhealthy weight looks like, and how it hangs on the body, and I need to drop that weight, as soon as possible. In your thirties, you have to be more careful with your health, as it can go down hill fast, and mistakes you make now can haunt you.

I never saw my grandparents working out and focusing on eating healthy and drinking enough water. I did see them die in their 70’s, however. A sobering thought if there ever was one.

And my grandma didn’t like living, either, frequently saying she didn’t want to live a long time, and didn’t want to live into her 80’s and 90’s…”Oh I don’t want to live that long.”

She wasn’t in good health and therefore wouldn’t want to live long, huh?


My mom isn’t in great health, and I hear her get winded while vacuuming. She is FAR from lazy, keeping her beautiful, large home clean, working a full time job that takes her all over the state, and staying very active in a number of crafting exercises.

But she isn’t in good health. She has fought with her weight for years, but in the end, even with her thin phases, she is, heavy set and not in good health. Obesity, and the related health issues, feature large on both sides of my biological family.

I don’t have an issue with body image, but I have major issues with what I see in front of me…because I know it isn’t healthy.

I say all this because I have my own complicated history with food and I love food, and I don’t want to get into any sort of issues with my relationship with food. My issues with working out are even deeper, but I am working on seeing healthy eating as a way to eat more food that is better for me- I like to eat LARGE amounts of food, so I need to eat more veggies and less carbs.

I want to be healthy, so I have to do cardio, and I want to have some energy in my muscles, so I need to make sure that I do actually work out a few times a week.

Speaking of healthy choices, I have also taken some actions to ensure I have time for the working out.

I have loaded about two weeks of blogs onto the blog page,and I am working on writing another 10-14 blog posts, and illustrating them, this week, so I can proudly have a months worth of blogs prepped.

This allows me to take five minutes to post the next days post, instead of an hour or so, and allows me to take that time and put it towards a work out and some meditation. This should also allow me more writing time for Flake City, not having to worry about if I got a blog up, and, Daily Blogs like this can become fun extra’s for readers in the evening.

Because this week I am also experimenting with posting goals and patterns. I want to have at least one a day, with some days having two or more posts. I did two posts on Sunday and I liked the results, and as I barrel towards the end of Flake City and approach editing, illustrating, and publishing time for Flake City, I want to do all I can to find anyone interested in the stuff I write.

So, on this fresh start Monday, like so many fresh start Mondays before it, I am trying to be healthier and fit in more writing, but, I think I may have an actual chance of accomplishing it this time, because I am focusing on improving my evening systems. I have been trying to improve my evening and morning systems, and this is just the next step…, and some of these changes are very sustainable, so I am really hoping the changes work well and more specifically, work well for me, so I can implement real changes for healthier living that balances and prioritizes what really matters.


I am about to do some yoga with some mountain climbers to work out, but first I need to edit this blog and schedule it, or else I won’t relax enough to do anything. Thankfully, while it is late, we will apparently have over night company this evening, who will arrive In later, so I have time for a work out and some more writing.

So, I am off to actually do the things I mean to do, to set off for a better tomorrow where my body doesn’t feel so shitty.

Also, speaking of new things (see my title)- I posted two TikTok’s today. I don’t know TikTok, but I like it, and I think my two posts were fun. If you have TikTok, my name is, as it is on all social media’s, @abbigrasso.

Anyways, Thanks for reading!




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