Daily Blog #167: Recent Poshmark experience

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am giving a little bit of a Poshmark Update, this time about my recent experiences with the popular online reselling app, Poshmark.

For those who don’t know Poshmark is a reseller app that allows shoppers to buy awesome, quality clothing for discounted rates and help end the cycle of fast fashion, and allows sellers to earn extra cash, sometimes enough to make reselling used clothing ones work at home full time job, as many have done using Poshmark and other reselling apps like Ebay, Mercari, or Relovvv.

As you may recall from past blogs, I have been falling out of love with Poshmark as both a seller and a buyer, but I have been trying to fix that, because fundamentally I like the idea of reselling for extra cash and to keep budget down and, best of all, to help minimize the the amount of crap in already bloated landfills. I got to host a party for Poshmark, however, and it helped keep me “in love” as it were.

And many of the resellers have been making me want to stop using it, in addition to Poshmark only ever seeming to care about making the sellers feel important, not the oh so vital buyers. The buyers keep the SHOPPING part of the app going, and yet the app offers no perks, no benefits, no special “feel a part of the community” perk, like sellers have with the Poshmark Ambassador program.

This drives me insane because it shows shoppers, the people who spend their money and allow Poshmark and all the aggressive and often bitchy resellers, to continue to make money.

Yet, unless you are willing to sell for Poshmark, you don’ t get to be a part of the Poshmark family, i guess.

So much for wanting to go to Poshfest, amiright?

So, that drives me crazy, but we are ambassadors, and I do like what Poshmark is doing in the big picture, and they allow me to get quality items for affordable prices while I save the planet.

Which leads to me placing three orders back to back.

First, I ordered some Pop Funko’s from someone, great price, SUPER cute, and, I was pretty sure Bret would love them. (He did).

Second: a bundle of super cute pins (I love pins, check out my Instagram for my #pinoftheday posts)

Third: a sports bra.

I ordered in this order, with the sports bra being ordered DAYS after anything else.

The sports bra came first, and was NEW WITH TAGS. I didn’t smell like someone had just worn it and put it in a bag, like other articles I have received, either. I didn’t LOVE the fit, but that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLER so I gave her five stars and a positive comment.

And continued to wait for the first two items I had ordered.

Poshmark had to remind BOTH of these resellers to actually fucking send my stuff out.

So…They could send me offers for the items, but not be bothered to ship them?

I know they are allowed like a week to send something, but when someone has already had money taken from their account, regardless if Poshmark is holding it before they receive their package, they have sent the money, so send the item. When we sell, we seriously ship THAT day, or the next morning, if it is after 5 when we accept the order.

I know not everyone needs to follow our policies, but it isn’t crazy to ask that within two days of purchase, an item ships out.

These aren’t custom pieces, and assuming you haven’t been wearing an item you have for sale (big no no) the item should be fairly ready to ship. The shipping labels are generated from Poshmark and emailed to you directly…So when something takes seven days to even be sent out, it’s a but annoying.

Regardless of this, however, the Pop Funko’s eventually arrived and Bret loved them.

Then my pins came, and I loved them, so much so that I do plan on posting all about it on my IG page, and one of the pins has already made my timeline. I do wish the items had shipped faster, mostly because it seems wrong to be on top of offering, but once they offer their funds, you stop caring about customer service, but, hey, a fish rots from the head, and if Poshmark doesn’t care about buyers, why would sellers, right?

Hopefully resellers are able to keep resale alive, because I do think that many people will end up leaving resale, unable to get quality care, or to even be treated as someone they give a fuck about.

No one needs to have their feet kissed, but it isn’t impossible to treat a customer decently and make them feel like we are actually HAPPY they spent their money in the app…because their are TONS of reselling apps out there, these shoppers can go elsewhere.

Where? (and Why?) That is another blog, for another day. Until then, I hope that Poshmark thinks about how to make shoppers feel valued, but I am glad I have it as a backup to get presents for Bret or to grab myself some more pins or New With Tags items.

Thanks for Reading!




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