Daily Blog #169: 420 Prep- Menu, guest list, entertainment suggestions, ideas, and pre-planning.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers and Friends!

Today I am going to be discussing my 4/20 plans. As you may or may not know, 4/20 is kind of my favorite holiday, although I generally like most holidays.

I tend to host pretty awesome 4/20 celebrations, and as that this looks to be our last 4/20 in Houston, I want to make sure it is a fun, enjoyable time.

So, the biggest parts that go into my 4/20 plans are: Food, smoke, entertainment, like with any special occasion or holiday.

For food, I like it to be infused, to it is thematic, the smoke, I like to be plentiful, and the entertainment I like to be discreet, so people can talk and enjoy company, OR laugh and enjoy something light and fun.

Last year, I made a spinach dip that, while delicious, was way too strong, and let to one of our friends having a less than stellar time- and that shit isn’t okay in my mind, so this year I will be making it less potent so everyone can enjoy it, as well as having a few more CBD options as well.

With 4/20 celebrations, I feel having appropriate salty and sweet snacks is important, given how munchies work, and I would like it to all be infused, a la Bong Appetit’. I think it might be fun to make a trail mix, for snacking, or at least some roasted pretzels. Brownies are classic 4/20 deserts, so that is also a must.

So, spinach dip, something salty like chex mix, brownies, maybe my “giggledoodles” (snickerdoodle) cookies…And that is as far as I have gotten.

I like to keep the menu open, and also take recommendations from my friends and guests, so people can feel included in the plans, and have a better time come the big day. I have a few options, including pasta, pizza, roasted veggies…I have a few really fun infused dinner options, and I will probably run my options by my guest list and also take suggestions and requests.

So, speaking of that guest list:

Off the top of my head, I know we will be inviting Amber, Damon, Drew, Ryan, Amanda, Houston Sam, (Canadian Sam, you and Christien are more than welcome but that is a DRIVE to smoke some weed y’all already have in Canada), plus Bret and myself. I don’t know who else would be invited, or even should be invited, but I am also at a new place when it comes to being social…

Most people aren’t trying to be friends, they are trying to take up resources. If they only contact you when they want something, if they have no problem ignoring you when they don’t need something, if they never bother to listen or read you, to catch up with you, if the friendship is one sided….They don’t need to come to my 4/20 party. The rest of my celebrations this year will likely all follow that same template, because I am not okay with spending the last bit of time I plan on living in Houston, wasting it with leeches.

Even if they aren’t leeches…they aren’t friends. It sucks, but sadly, the past few weeks have been eye opening as to who real friends are, and who real problematic leeches are.

So, it is a smaller guest list, and half of them will likely have plans, and even if EVERYONE invited shows up, it won’t be too crowded, and everyone will have a good time.

Now, for entertainment.

I will likely have a collection of board games on the table with the bongs. I normally use a folding card table for the bong table, so I have a place for bongs, the gravity, and any other great pieces for smoking. I think I will add these board games and make it a cute little set up, and also have some cards and dominoes if I can find any, to allow for some fun party times.

Additionally, for background noise, I plan on having some stoner movies, like How High on, as well as my “for the culture” playlist, which has a bunch of stoner music on it, and I will be building and adding to it in the coming weeks. If you want to follow or listen to that playlist, let me know, and I will post it for everyone.

So that is my first pass at a plan for 4/20. I am, of course, still taking menu item nominations, and of course the guest list is still open, but the plans are being built, and 4/20 prep is underway!

Thanks for Reading!


PS- Editing Abbi here- As you may or may not know, if you follow me on my various social media channels, I am off of work tomorrow (Friday). Be on the look out for a second blog today (Friday).


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