Daily Blog #175: Kill the Zombies. Make the Art.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Friends.

The original title for this blog is “Writing in the times of…whatever the fuck this is” because I can’t even describe the thoughts going on in my head right now.

But I am trying to write, despite that. Really, however, nothing I am willing to say should be said on the blog, not just yet, when its still raw and I have no idea what I am going to do, but, I wanted to talk about writing in times like this.

Because the state I am in will not end quickly and I will need to write in this situation, sadly, to stay on top of stuff, so, I need to do a bunch of nonsense to try and be okay and write though this…awful time of uncertainty.

I will say this though, it is hard as hell to write in this situation. I don’t think I can write about that, so I will journal, and maybe write some other stuff so I can try and figure out how to write in this place that feels so awful, fully surrounded by zombies.

Ello again, days later.

I am not fully okay, with the events of Monday, which I will not be going into just yet, but, I am handling it better, and I am here to talk about how to keep writing, and doing the thing that matters most, the art, in times of crisis.

You see, you can’t trust people, situations, places, you can’t trust your government, you can hardly trust yourself.

But, you can trust your art. Your art, if ever it betrays you, only betrays what is true, and reveals it.

Art, does not betray you, and creating it, no matter how hard, is never wrong.

Even when people had to die for their art, or they were left poor, miserable, unknown, all the sad artists stories and tropes…The Art was never the problem.

Art, is a good thing. Art is the thing we can pursue. I have spoken about my love of art, my encouragement of other artists before, but for anyone new, the art can be your writing, your painting, sculpting, mixed media, drawing, music making, illustrating, singing, dancing, acting, playing, crafting, building, creators, all of the artists out there, the art is the thing thats worth it. Whatever your art is, do it.


And life is full of zombies who are trying to get you to not make your art. Don’t let the zombies get you down.

Double tap those zombies, run the fuck away, barricade yourself inside the safe room, whatever you have to do to get away from whatever the zombie is that is in the way of your art, do that thing.

Monday was like a whole horde of zombies and like, a tank, and some other horrible special infected zombie types, and I had a spoon.

It’s been a rough week.

But, if you follow the blog, you will likely notice that posts have gone up every day.

Yes, I had some posts prewritten, but I also knew I wouldn’t be okay with not writing, so after I journaled each day, I would dig into writing, making sure to schedule either a prewritten but newly edited post, or, a new post that I just wrote.

And I made sure to work on new blogs for the back catalogue, so I will still have blogs to post for those big editing days when I can’t spend a few hours on blog posts.

I didn’t write on the goings ons of my day, which I don’t do every day anyways, and instead stuck to things I am more comfortable with and can write about well.

So, yeah, zombies.

Because when confronted with problems like zombies, write about them, or something. Although, the zombies in my real life are not the zombies I discuss on Zombieland Review/Discussion so, parallels, but not the same.

Either way, the important thing is writing, and sometimes thats hard.

Sometimes you don’t want to write about something because of the problems tied up with it, or because you have memories, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the main thing you are working on, because you are stressed. Then work on something else.

In my case, if I can’t write one thing, I write another. The important thing is to keep creating. If it is hard, journal for a while, engage the brain a bit, and before you know it, you can make the art, you can get to a place where you can create. Just do the art.

Always keep making the art.

Don’t stop making the art.

Because here’s the real tea.

I know plenty of people discuss the best weapon for fighting zombies, shotgun, baseball bat, pistol, sword…But art is the way to defeat the zombies in the way of your art.

The only way we can actually wage a real, true, all out war on those zombies, is to always make the art. In times of sorrow, in times of embarrassment, joy, shock, happiness, loss, life, heartache, love, pain, health, wealth, broke, sober, drunk, high, dry, wet, in a box, in a house…always make the art.


Writing in the face of…whatever it is. Making art in the face of whatever it is.

Ignore any zombie in your way, and make the art. Kill the zombies, to get somewhere safe, make the art.

Kill the zombies.

Make the art.

Thanks for reading!




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