Skin Mask Review- Sleeping Mask Private DeTox

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers!

We are back again for another Skin Mask review, and this is a sleeping mask.

Sleeping masks are amazing, if you ask me, because they do all this work while you sleep. Your skin is already healing, your body and brain signaling that now is the time to heal, to nourish, to recover from the past and prepare for the future, and then, here comes a sleeping mask to slather some amazing goodness onto your skin so you get even more recovery while you rest, and even more rest to prepare for the future of whatever may happen to your skin.

This mask came in my December Ipsy bag, which, after researching how much it cost, made me think, whoa, I do not make enough money to like this mask.

BUT this mask did get me thinking about overnight masks, and the importance of really letting your skin get some goodness while you rest, which paved the way for when I found a much more affordable sleeping mask at Ulta.

This mask was wonderful though, with a light, white formula that almost tingles with a cooling effect when it first goes on, and it absorbs damn near instantly.

The formula feels light, like a day cream almost, but has this thick creaminess like a thick night cream, leading to something I want to smear on my face every single night.

But this stuff is apparently nearly $100.00 per bottle so…I can not afford it, hell, I can’t really even afford to review it, but I wanted to let anyone who reads my blog who COULD afford it, know how much I loved it, and, let everyone know that this mask is what helped open my eyes about sleeping masks, leading to my discovering a total game changer for my skin care routine.

Would I buy this? Not without making much more money, more so after finding something just about as good for so much less.

But if I find it on sale or can buy it with Ipsy points, I will. Great mask.

Thanks for reading!



If you can afford it, this cream is awesome. Click this link and you can buy it, and at no extra cost to you, I receive a small percentage!


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