Daily Blog #178- Weekend Update and March Goals

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

It is Sunday Evening, and I have been hard at work all weekend trying to get the bedroom sorted into a better work area for me, that also has a nice sleep area, work out area, basically just turning this bedroom, which is a damn wreck, despite having cleared part of it for my work area already, as you may recall from a previous blog. I have been purging lots of crap out of this room, and I am working on getting it into shape for my March goals!

I have decided that once a month I should post my goals for the month, or at least do a check in with my overall goals.

As my closest friends know, I have had a bunch of crap going on in my personal life and frankly, it is pretty complicated and will take me a month or more to even come close to getting it even remotely sorted.

So, since time is what I will need for much of it, I am focusing my energies where I can actually do stuff.

I am focusing all of my free time to my art, which means I will be making more content. I have no idea what the video footage will look like, or what any of it will look like, but my first step has been to get this room sorted in a way that allows me to live and work out of it, a bit, and kind of let this room act as my base for content creation. Not just the writing, but the stuff that is going into the material I am publishing this year. As I enter the third month of the year, I am buckling down and really working on honing the marketing a bit, building and finding my audience base, and fine tuning some of the supplemental material for my written universe.

The room now has a nice coat of paint on most of the walls, some of which I have even started painting cool designs onto, to make the room feel a bit more artistic, and I think I will probably keep adding onto it as a way of continuing the art, as I work in this room.

My life is an absolute mess right now, to the point of my eye twitching nearly constantly if I think about it, so instead I am working on things I can control, which is almost exclusively my art. I have an eight hour obligation every day from 9-5, and outside of those hours, my time is going to be spent creating, working on the things needed for my creation, content making to help find my audience for my art, and keeping myself healthy.

I can’t really handle much else right now.

Not very optimistic, but it’s real. I do think that spending a month or more working on my art, having every free moment be spent serving my artistic goals, may be a decent reset for me right now, and I really need that.

Which, as it turns out, means a lot of the content on the blog will be zombie content, but I do plan on trying to find other fun blog topics, so it isn’t just zombie related content, like my zombie review/discussion blogs, so don’t worry if you hate the zombie content.

Although if you DO hate zombie content, I don’t know how you have made it this far in reading my blog, I thank you for it.

I also have some recipe blogs I plan on working on, as well as my usual skin care blogs, productivity blogs, and just general daily blogs like you are used to.

If I can get my scheduled morphed the way I am hoping to, I will also be starting to drop more blogs every day, so, I am hopeful for that as well, in the coming weeks.

I can always count on my art, so I am giving my art the same dedication.

I welcome you along for the ride. I am also considering some video elements, not just my TikTok’s, but fun other stuff, so…keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of random, weird writer content.

My entire goal for March is creation. Like spring, I plan on growing things, because I want this to be my year, and it hasn’t started off as great as I had hoped, so I am using this fresh month, this fresh new season of spring, to make my own destiny, and manifest the future I want.

So stay tuned for all of that and more, this month, and feel free to comment or DM me on any of my social media, any fun writer style content you would want to see, or if you like any of the stuff you do see. I have my own plans that I will do, but if people out there really do want a “write with me” video, perfect, because that is the stuff I want to make for you, and would love the feed back.

If not, that’s cool, I have a big imagination, I will think of plenty of content ideas, more so if I dedicate all my free time to art making.

I hope you join me for this process.

Thanks for reading




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