Daily Blog #187- Stuff on Repeat

Greetings and salutations, Blog readers!

When I was a young girl, I had a VHS copy of Micheal Jackson’s Music Video for Thriller. The long like, 12 minute version or whatever length it was.

And I was obsessed.

An important thing to note, at four, when I really started to have opinions and thoughts on the world, and the year I started kindergarten, I was already acutely aware of what a zombie was. I don’t know if an adult let a zombie movie on when I had snuck out of bed, or what, but, I don’t really recall a time when I didn’t know what zombies were.

(No real big surprise there, I’m sure.)

But, I LOVED thriller, and I found zombies dancing in beautiful synchronization fantastic, so I would watch it on repeat.

And please note, when is say repeat, I mean REPEAT.

I would dance along, and when the end of the video game, rewind it, stopping it right at the start of the film again. My grandparents were astonished by how well I could just listen to the sound of the tape being rewound, and know exactly where to stop for various parts I would want to watch, or for the beginning of the film. They were also amused with me doing the then, and still now, iconic dance, in their living room.

They eventually grew tired of the song, I’m sure, but I never did.

Hell, I’m 32 and I will listen to the song and watch the full video right now.

I’m 32, and also watching Anna and the Apocalypse for what has to be, mathematically, the twentieth or thirtieth time I have had it on this week. I have listened to the sound track, mathematically, a hundred times.

What do I mean by this, mathematically?

I, in the last two weeks, have watched Anna and the Apocalypse at least once a day, but on average, three to four times a day. Just put it on after work, and hit “watch again” when I am done. I have, of course, had to watch other bits of zombie content for my blogs, so sometimes I only watched it once or twice. 2 a day for 2 weeks would be 2 times 14, 28 watches. I promise, it has been more than that.

At work, I have listened to the 38 minute soundtrack, on repeat, at work, for the 8 hours I am there, every day.

60 minutes in an hour, 8 hours in a day is 480 minutes, divided by the 38 minute sound track, leaves 12.631 repeating listens a day. Let’s sound down, shall we? Say that I listened to it only 12 times…even those I jam it on the way to work and on the way home…hell, lets say that I have only jammed it ten times a day at work, but across 8 work days, thats 80 listens on the soundtrack.

Ask me what I am watching right now.

If you guessed Anna and the Apocalypse, you would be very right.

I have always been able to watch stuff on repeat, endlessly, if I like it and enjoy it, and, oftentimes, I don’t get tired of it, but will always be able to queue it up and watch it endlessly, or at least a few times until something else love pops up.

It is, mostly, zombie stuff, that I can watch on repeat, but, other things, like Ponyo, also will be replayable for me.

I never get tired of the things I really love, and I will keep listening to them. And I know this drives people crazy, most people often times even commenting like “Whoa, Abbi, that’s…a lot of times to watch, listen, or read something”.

Shrug. What are you gonna do though? I tend to work through these things, as in, the entire time I have had Anna and the Apocalypse on, I have been working. At work, I have been jamming the soundtrack and working on a wrk project I have delayed doing my entire time in the job. Its a tedious job, and I hate doing it, so the music helps get me though it.

At home, I have had a ton to deal with, and I have been working not only on the blog, but on Flake City, so the movie playing in the background, with Zomboat sprinkled in, has helped me get tons of writing done. Zomboat is another program I can play over and over and over again, and I truly hope they make a season two for it. I will be reviewing Zomboat on here soon enough, but I haven’t figured out how I want to review shows versus movies.

I listen to things on repeat, that I have enjoyed watching or like, but can also ignore, having watched it tons of times, to achieve other things.

And sometimes I am a little kid who just wants to dance, so I play Thriller.

Do you play things on repeat? Have any favorites you can always rewatch, or can you not stand rewatching anything? I know we are all different in this regard, so let’s talk about it.

Thanks for reading!




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