Daily Blog #190: Friday The Thirteenth

Greetings and fucking salutations, blog readers!

It is Friday the 13th, it is the early evening, the moon is preparing to rise, and whoever is brave enough to brave potential viruses, are hitting the streets, and having some fun. Or at least grabbing dinner first.

Others are following rituals, some are having movie night, and plenty are enjoying a Friday.

I love Friday the 13th. Not just the movie franchise, although I do love all of those movies as well, but, today, I am talking about Friday the 13th. This year we have two, one in March, one in November, my Birthday Month. (Hell fucking yes.)

I love Friday the 13th. I find the energy in the air is intoxicating and fun, and can lead to some amazing times. Scary things can happen too, I am sure, but I have always had really good luck and a lovely time with Friday the 13ths.

Something I learned, while researching this blog, actually, is that when we have a leap year with 366 days, like we do in 2020, and the year starts on a Wednesday, the months with Friday the 13ths will be March and November.

Not that it comes up THAT often, but, it is cool to know there is some inevitable rule of thumb you can follow with these things.

There are plenty of reasons people find this day unlucky, no small amount revolving around the church, but others, like myself, find it lucky.

No real reason for me, other than I have always had pretty good luck on Friday the 13th. Back in school, I would have terribly Thursday the 12ths, (A precursor to my Douglas Adams curse of Thursdays) but, come Friday the 13th..Abbi was kicking ass and taking names.

I would do better at tournaments, contests, or even just have a nicer time on a date, if it fell on Friday the 13th. I would advance in my competitions, I would have dazzlingly witty and insightful questions and answers in debate, as well as any class I went to that day. I was in tune from the first note, in band, and I wouldn’t forget anything for the game that night.

Friday the 13ths have always just went well for me, and for that, I am grateful, because I know so many don’t have as good a time on the day.

Some people, are apparently terrified of this day, so superstitious that they will stay indoors, have mild to major panic attacks, or just feelings of dread and despair.

Mind you, with the coronavirus scaring everyone, the whole “staying indoors” thing may be done more than usual.

I for one do tend to stay in, more so if it is a full moon on Friday the 13th, because I have experienced that while I enjoy the day, and others do as well… some people take it as a reason to get very rip-roaring drunk and act silly…and I don’t like that.

So, I will stay in, likely watch a movie, eat some jiffy pop, and have a nice time enjoying my one of my favorite days, in one of my favorite ways.

Regardless of how you feel about this day, or how you celebrate, I hope you have a fantastic Friday the 13th!

Thanks for Reading!




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