Daily Blog # 193: Abbi’s “Coronavirus” update.

Salutations, my dearest and most wonderful blog readers.

Well, if I have read one Coronavirus blog this weekend, I have read twenty. And in actuality, I’ve ready closer to 100 or so, across a few different medium and platforms.

Everyone is talking about it, everyone is scared of it, and it is affecting all of us, by now.

Sick or otherwise, at risk or otherwise, well stocked or otherwise, everyone has tried to navigate getting basic groceries or supplies, or has at least talked to someone who has.

I myself, someone without a car, depend on grocery delivery services, which normally serve me well to get me anything I need, in a reasonable amount of time, without major extra cost, when you take into account what the price of Ubers to and from a store would be.

Not to mention, they bring it to the door. I love it. Sadly, with the panic, that is no longer an option.

Look, I don’t care what you believe or don’t about this virus. It is a dangerous one, some people die, and that is scary. I get it.

But I can’t stand people acting so fucking shitty during it.

In Flake City, the only characters I really let live are the ones who are being their best selves, and who will help others. The ones who take over stores and don’t help others get their faces eaten off.

And I hate the people doing the same kind of shit in real life.

On Tuesday I will be hitting up the grocery store on my usual trip that I make every two weeks, and I know it will be a madhouse and likely be picked over. I am making an extra long list, with lots of various options and alternatives, and leaning into every single character I have in Flake City to make a comphrenesive list to get my grocery haul sorted.

And to have enough supplies incase I get sick.

Because I will be going out and about, unless the government shuts everything down. We had layoffs at work, tons of them, and I don’t know how long I will really last, to be honest, I didn’t think I would last the first round, but I likely won’t be able to make the second, if the economic decline we have with corona virus continues to have its way with us all.

Those are my main two concerns, the panic people are having, which leads to not only empty shelves with people unable to get their every day basics, but also violence and mayhem. People have already been hurt while trying to get their supplies, and more still are going with out, all due to the manic panic going on outside.

On top of that, all the canceled events are having their way with our economy at work, and across the city. We had to lay off nearly 30 people, and reduce the hours of even more people. This will have a long term consequence, and the ship will only be corrected if something changes drastically, which I am afraid won’t happen soon.

We would need no more reported cases, not more reported cases every day, and that is with chronic under reporting due to a notable lack of supplies.

I won’t go on and on about why the situation is dire because every blog and piece of content coming out right now talks about it, and I will instead talk about what this shows me, personally.

Work from home jobs, being self employed, being able to turn a profit from any number of hustles, remains the only sustainable way to live and avoid the economic crunch of any number of emergencies that we deal with on a daily basis.

People will always panic, and I no longer call myself paranoid for wanting to keep extra’s of certain things on hand. People tend to mock me for being like “Well, if the zombie apocalypse starts I’ll be happy I have a bit extra” but again, zombies are a stand in for any number of issues, and if I didn’t let people make fun of me for wanting to keep extras of certain essentials on hand, I wouldn’t be so worried. That being said, I only have so much space in this small apartment to begin with, so I could only keep so much on hand anyways.

So, Tuesday I will take my carefully crafted list and try and get as full a round of my regular round of groceries, plus some medicine, because I will have to leave my apartment during the social isolation week. Many experts are saying to social isolate this week, and if you can’t, you are likely to get sick. I am healthy, for the most part, but I need to make sure if I do catch it, I won’t need to leave for supplies.

To prep, I have a list, which will hopefully be fillable, in some capacity. I have also made chicken broth from scratch to have on hand to make a few kinds of soup, with plans to get some more chicken, as well.

I can make a bunch from scratch, and that tends to be the way to get supplies when you have to wait this long into a panic. My hope is I can get what I need, but I pretty knowledgable with alternatives that will work, and have a decent action plan to keep me healthy for as long as possible, and maybe, even let me stay healthy the whole time. But I am planning for a worst case scenario, to stay safe, while hoping some of the crap I have read isn’t accurate. I will say that by now, the scientists are definitely making me a bit worried.

I do plan on trying to record some stuff, and if I do get laid off, expect to see vlogs that day. If not, who knows, maybe I will still post some. I have been hoping to do some Weedtube videos, and if the government shuts everything down, I will have a great chance to do so.

Until then, however, all I can do is wait and see what happens. Pandemic Limbo.

Stock up on what you need, people. But don’t sweep the shelves. You don’t need that much, even if we shut down for a month or two.

Most of the people panicking aren’t even sweeping the shelves of the right stuff anyways. Morons.

I swear, some days the everyday zombies really do try and get you down. “I’ve been calling you all zombies for years. Now fuck off.” (Mr. Savage from Anna and the Apocalypse)

So, my advice for anyone out there is start to think about how to generate income from your home, and please be safe. Get the supplies you need, but leave some for your fellow humans.

And wash your fucking hands. Please. Stop being stupid, stop being greedy, be smart, be clean, and stay safe.

For me, I will be doing just that. If you want to see my daily updates on the day to days on my life, feel free to follow me on all the social medias- @AbbiGrasso.

And don’t worry…I won’t be filling my content with Coronavirus stuff…but I do want to thank everyone who reached out and told me they missed my daily blog every day blogging style- My life has been a mess, due to some of the stuff I have blogged about, but I do plan on getting back to my usual “vlog style daily blogs” a bit, this week and next. More so if I end up in quarantine or isolation due to a government shut down. Either way, thank you all for your input- Please feel free to return to my blog as often as you want, I will be posting everyday, regardless of what happens with work and this pandemic, because as my months of every day blogging can attest, I am clearly addicted to blogging.

Anyways…as usual-

Thanks for reading!




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