Daily Blog #194-Six (6) things I’ve learned journaling

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are discussing some things I have learned while Journaling!

As you may recall, I recently picked up journaling again to try and keep control of my racing thoughts, active life, complex writing, and just day to day life.

And through that journaling, I have learned a few things, and I thought I would take this moment to talk about what I have learned, to hopefully encourage you to maybe try journaling yourself.

1.) I like to fill the page, more so in a journal, and I don’t like to leave blank pages, which means I tend to end up blogging the entire page, and then putting the next day on the back of the page, if my writing didn’t carry onto it.

I don’t know why, I just don’t want to leave the pages unused. I do leave some spaces, sure, but I do try to avoid it at all costs. Overall, probably not a terrible thing, as I really will dive into my issues and dissect them, which lets me get all my over thinking out of the way.

2.) Sometimes your thoughts on something will flip flop back and forth, in such extremes, and your journal gets to catch it. This also gives you insight into the situation. Also to how you deal with problems and conflicts.

3.) Journaling about your writing can be incredibly helpful. I suggest all artists journal, and don’t be afraid to journal about your writing, your process, what you have left to do, your hopes, dreams, desires, your entire shebang when it comes to your writing. Leave yourself notes, write love letters to your plot line, but please, fellow creatives, don’t be afraid to journal about your artistic process. The creative juices are going to flow much easier, after journaling, and if they don’t, you still have all these notes to go off of. And for those of you playing the legacy game, hey, won’t you want future researchers of your legacy to have those insights into your process?

4.) Your hand will hurt. Your handwriting will suffer when it does.

My hand writing has always been terrible, and I have long known to write even legibly I had to work hard at it and be careful, but I had no idea how much being tired can affect the journaling. Sure, if you have written a few pages, your hand will hurt, and your handwriting will suffer, but also, if you are sleepy, your handwriting will suffer. Try to write when you still have the energy to do so, or write the bare essentials down and fill in the blanks later.

The bonus to this is that all that overthinking I mentioned earlier? You now really feel how much energy you are wasting overthinking things, and if you work hard to connect those ideas in your head, you can probably help yourself and save yourself a bunch of trouble and frustration.

5.) All brains are cluttered, and journaling can help with that. Like doing a simple cleaning, or even deep spring cleaning in your home, you can feel better by making sure everything is in its place. Don’t be afraid to journal to organize your mind, even if you don’t suffer from any mental illness or aren’t an artist. Sometimes a purge is necessary too, only instead of tossing old crap and selling gently used clothing you no longer wear, a mental purge can involve just writing it all down in the most honest and truthful way possible. To yourself.

Added Bonus: If you can’t be honest with your self, journaling can help you find that too. Just hold yourself accountable. It is worth it. I know being honest with yourself can be hard. Do it anyways. That is what a journal is for.

6.) You start to think everyone should journal. And encourage them to.

Go start a journal. It is crazy good for you, and everyone should journal. Journaling can help keep you stable and grounded, connected with you and the world around you. It helps you notice patterns in your life, good and bad, and track them in whatever way you want. Journaling helps keep your brain organized and your goals being achieved.

Grab a notebook, a journal, writing app on your phone, whatever, and go journal. And don’t stop.

Thanks for reading.




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