My Friend, Jeni, who is awesome.

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Look at my awesome friend, trying to make sure we all stay connected. She’s the best.

Today, I am going to talk about how fucking awesome my friend Jeni is. @JeniBurns, permanently exhausted unicorn, mother of three, Jeni works incredibly hard, and, somehow, still has time to shoot the shit with me here and there, and just maintain a pretty cool friendship.

Jeni and I have never gotten to meet, mind you, she is one of my internet friends, like Sam (@whaleysweetscents) or Tricia, (@Bodyofwerk), but I cannot wait until I get to.

She is seriously awesome and the distance doesn’t stop us from getting along pretty damn well. She makes me laugh, I like to think I do the same, and together, we are pretty cool friends.

On top of her social kindness and wonderfulness, Jeni is a great graphic designer, and other fun creative skills I wish I had, involving computers and such.

Jeni is also, a single mother to three kids, and, I know she would love some work, from her long list of great skills, a donation, or even a follow/like/share of her social medias.

IG: @JeniBurns

Twitter: @nevernotdoing

Ko-Fi: @jeniburns

Clearly, a mom who could use some help, or at least a kind face or good laugh. Consider hiring her, donating, sharing her work, or all of the above.

YouTube: @JeniBurns


Go follow, like, share, hire, donate…send some love. Jeni is seriously fucking awesome.

And if her awesomeness doesn’t inspire you, maybe consider making a donation or hiring her for some work. Her and her three kids need a good chunk of change to stay afloat, so consider giving. I have included some screen shots so you can read some of her awesome tweets and maybe, if you feel so inclined, donate to a wonderful woman who regularly makes the world a better place.

Thank for reading


PS- This is my “Most views” time- So I scheduled this blog for now- tune in this evening for my regularly scheduled blog for today, before I decided I wanted how awesome Jeni was to go in my best time slot of the week- Friday Morning, when I, according to the stats, get the most views.


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