Daily Blog #199: 4/20 Prep Update- Plans to ensure nothing, not even a pandemic, ruins our holiday.

Greetings and salutations, dearest blog readers!

As you may recall, I have been eagerly counting down till 4/20. April twentieth. The “Stoner Holiday.”

This is probably one of my favorite holidays, and the way I celebrate it is a big indication as to why.

I cook, my friends come over, we smoke, we eat the delicious foods, many of which are infused, and we watch funny stoner related content.

Basically, the way I celebrate most every holiday, only the theme is cannabis, instead of cannabis acting as the fun bonus to the holiday. I have been posting updates on my prep for this holiday, including picking a menu and making my invite list for who would be invited over for this fun holiday.

But then Coronavirus, or COVID-19 showed up, and I don’t know if socializing will be an option by mid April. We are all supposed to be self isolating away from others and only going out when absolutely needed, to essential places like grocery stores, pharmacies or doctors.

Some say, it absolutely won’t be an option, while others say we will probably enjoy 4/20 as one of the first days we can leave. The timeline of this thing varies.

I don’t know that we will be able to do much for 4/20, but I do think that Lenyn, who is back from NYC during this pandemic, will likely try to sneak over. He’s hardly taking to this isolation well, and misses NYC like crazy, so I am sure if we are all still isolating, he will likely try to find a way over. if public transit stays open, it is practically guaranteed, because Lenyn is fearless and loves the holiday as well, more so the way we celebrate any holiday: Cannabis and good food.

Either way regardless of if my friends, few or many, can come over, my plans will still be fairly extra, including but not limited to infused food all day, lots of smoking and dabs, plenty of “for the culture” movies, shows, and music, and in general, fun chill times around the house, enjoying my favorite flower.

If this down time continues, of course, I will have plenty of time to perfect some of my edible recipes, including my homemade potato chips, which I think will go well with my spinach dip. If the down time continues for too long, and if resources allow, I would also like to play with making bread or pizza dough, infused of course. I’ll probably also make brownies, but brownies aren’t to infuse at all, so they hardly need practice runs.

So, in the down time during coronavirus, I plan on trying to perfect recipes. In the case of the potato chips, for example, I will be using infused olive oil, so I am perfecting the chip recipe first, as infusing them will be easy, and I don’t want to waste the infused oil with test batches.

I also am hoping to make everything less strong than I did last year, as I may have made some things too strong, and some people couldn’t enjoy the entire holiday. When playing with edibles, I have to remember to let things stack, by being nice and low dose…I messed up because I tend to go high and not be phased. My friends weren’t able to enjoy themselves as much though so this year I will be making lower doses, meant to stack, like the chips and dip, before a pizza, all infused, but together will get you high, without any one thing tipping the scales into the not fun high. Like last year…with the dip.

For entertainment, I am making a list of movies and shows to watch, and of course adding songs to my “for the culture” play list.

Speaking of cannabis themed activity, I have told myself I will for sure be posting on WeedTube, as they don’t have restrictions on the weed I want to be smoking, but I will also try to curate some of those vlogs for YouTube as well…and probably even film some stuff for YouTube…but it isn’t worth it to me to spend a ton of time trying to chase a YouTube dream. I am willing to post stuff on YouTube, without hopes of some money down the road, but I don’t want to fight with having my content taken down, either. I have had this problem with TikTok, so most of my content will be prepared for WeedTube, with some going onto YouTube. I may also load those WeedTube videos to YouTube, once I figure out what kind of warnings I will have to include to not get in trouble because of kids or some nonsense.

Any ways, pardon that tangent, back to my 4/20 prepping update.

I am trying to save up my kief as another way to infuse foods…once you decarb it, its a great way to sprinkle on some infusion, or, my favorite, mix it with flour for a baked good like cookies, cakes, bread or pizza crust, the later being what I think I may use it for.

I am also doing an arts and crafts project, where I convert an old valentines day chocolates box into a 4/20 holiday treats box, making it cute and green. That project will likely get blogged, maybe vlogged, and loaded for you all to see how to make your own, or how I made mine anyways. My goal is to load it with wax, weed, and maybe some edibles, to make a truly special little holiday treat box.

I also want to help everyone make their own 4/20 special, on the off hand that you are unable to go out for the holiday, so I am going to spend some time not only developing my recipes, but showing you all how to make key things for your own celebrations, like how to decarb weed, how to infuse oil, and how to make a great gravity bong. I may add some other fun things, depending on how long this quarantine ends up going, so even if we all have to celebrate alone, we can all have a great 4/20.

But, my goal is to give everyone the information they need to have a successful 4/20. I see several readers who only check my cannabis blogs, and for those people I really want to make sure I have tons of cannabis content for them, so, as we approach 4/20, and as I spend so much more time at home, I will do all I can to provide you all with the cannabis content many of you request.

If you wish to donate money or tip me, so I can afford to buy weed, let me know. I am working on putting together a few ways to take donations, now that I am laid off. I have a cash app, you are welcome to slide me some funds to, if you so wish- $abbigrasso. Thank you to everyone who has asked me to do this, I am working on a recurring tip situation, as well. ! My name on all the social media’s is @abbigrasso, please feel free to find me so we can connect. (WeedTube, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, CashApp, etc)

Thanks for Reading!



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