Daily Blog #202- Doing better, comparing medias, and finding what I actually like.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Friends and Readers!

Today was a much better day, and I am settling into a long evening of writing, as I plan to pull an all nighter, and then head to the grocery store in the early AM hours, before coming home to bed.

This means many things.

One, I get to have evening coffee, which is one of the best forms of coffee.

Two, I get to spend all the night hours writing, having done several productive things during the day, I can putter when I take writing breaks, but by in large, I have the evening I work guilt free on writing.

Three, I get to totally switch my schedule to a nocturnal one, and while will likely not stick to it, I always enjoy the novelty.

Four, I have plenty of quiet night time hours to focus on what I want, and reflect on things I have been noticing.

This last one plays into what I want to talk about today. All this time off has allowed me more time to get on and use various social media, and through my useage, I have been able to discover which ones I really, actually enjoy, and therefore know which ones that maybe I should focus more content on. I have also had lots of time to soul search my content, and my distribution, and while most of it has been lessons in things I already knew but had maybe forgotten, some of it has been stuff I didn’t know.

Like, for example, I prefer Snapchat to Instagram.

I hate how uptight Instagram is, and everyone has family there now…so if I put pictures of bubblers and bongs suddenly I am some weirdo and “it’ll end up on my parents page.”

I don’t like having issues with posting that content, and I also like not being able to have links in my stories for people to know which blog I am referring to when I make various posts.

But, over on Snapchat, I can do swipe-up’s, no problem, and this allows me to better share blog links that pertain to what my stories are about. Just earlier today I cleaned my bong and bubbler, and I was able to link both those blogs for the step by step instructions, with my story.

No need for 10,000 followers.

To have the coveted swipe up, on Instagram, you need 10,000 followers. Seem’s like a lot of effort for an app many say is dying. Meanwhile, Snapchat has stuck to the same stuff they always have, and despite Instagram “ripping off” their model, they keep people on it.

Probably because they aren’t bothering people with a need for vanity metrics like 10,000 followers for a practical function like swiping up to read someones blog.

Not to be rude, but I think Instagram has some real gall to say they want to take away vanity metrics, something most people argue is mostly meant to destabilize influencer culture, all while saying you can’t have the swipe up feature without 10,000 followers.

Hypocritical, at best.

In terms of perverts and creeps, frankly, I get more unsolicited dick pics and rude messages on Instagram than I do Snapchat.

And, both apps have plenty of cute filters…but Snapchat tends to have more for every holiday. Not that this kind of thing comes down to filters but…it does play into it.

Also, real talk, Snapchat allows my dealer to advertise, and I like that.

So, while I do keep using Instagram, I think that Instagram, for me, may be becoming Facebook, which is who owns Instagram anyways, so, I guess that makes sense.

I also love Twitter, and I don’t think that will ever change. Twitter has always been one of the greatest inventions social media wise, in my opinion, so, Twitter stays where it always does in my life. Always on my phone, and frequently an open and active app on my phone.

TikTok is becoming an App I like, even though I don’t know if I will ever be “good” at TikTok’s, I enjoy TikTok, and I spend time using it. I also don’t mind the time I waste making TikTok content so…That in itself tells you plenty, and most of it is probably embarrassing for me, but, it also means that at least I am enjoying the thing I am doing…not everyone can say that.

These realizations are fun, because they aren’t like when I have the same exact content on two apps, like I do with this blog, hosted on WordPress, an also imported to Medium. On Medium, I pay five dollars a month to read anything on the site, with no limit. Others can pay this fee, or, have five free reads a month, along with anything free to read on the site. My blogs posted on Medium are technically “behind the paywall”, which is to mean, they would count on one of the five reads allowed, and since I post a blog a day…this adds up.

But people don’t have to pay to read my blogs, something everyone should know about me. The blog, abligrasso.com, is free to read. I import the blogs to Medium hours, and sometimes days, later. I have the blogs “behind the paywall” on the off chance that I build enough of an audience to make enough money to pay for the five bucks a month I spend…but I would spend that money anyways. Medium accounts for a healthy portion of my daily reading that I try to do every day to be better rounded as a person and a writer.

I use the apps differently, with different objectives, and yet the content is literally the exact same. The exception being when I use Gifs in my blogs, they rarely import in. Other than this, however, the content for these two sites are the same, with different goals. With other sites, the content is different, and why I use it is largely the same few reasons.

But, this time has shown me where I like to put content out, and where I like to receive it, and where I like to do both. This process helps inform where I should probably focus my energies, and also helps me see where I may need to work…because sometimes you are using excuses. I am avoiding vlogging even though I really kind of want to do it…and I have to get over my fears, because otherwise it will bother me that I am not doing something I want.

I love making content, I would like to use my training, my skills, one of the things I literally went to college for, I would like to use these things to advance my own writing career, and maybe help others with their careers too. Now that I am in quarantine and having to look at the world a bit differently, I am thinking that maybe I should focus on these things…which means I have to get over any fears I may have for a content creation I genuinely want to do. Most of my content would be great for WeedTube and the community seems much better than YouTubes…so I should take a risk, a chance, and do the things I want to do, to add to the content I already love so much, like this blog…

So this time has been really great. I know what I like, I know why…I am in a healthier place with what I want to do and what kind of actions I need to take to be happy… and plenty of time to make it all happen.

I am off to have an all nighter, so follow me on social media and help keep me honest to these goals.

@AbbiGrasso on every social media I have mentioned.

Thanks for Reading!




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