Daily Blog #204- Horribly sick, but it isn’t Coronavirus, thanks to the excessive vomiting.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog readers.

Today I am on day two of being super not okay, health wise.

Lets break down the chain of events, shall we?

My plan was to stay up all night on Tuesday, to get to the store bright and early on Wednesday morning, to actually get everything we need for groceries. As everyone knows, the Coronavirus has made even the most basic of groceries tricky.

I don’t have much money for groceries, mind you, with the lay off, but, some money, assuming Kroger, the grocery store closest that we can walk to, has stuff. In the past, Bret has gone to the store in the early morning hours, and a long as he was there by opening, he was able to get the things we needed. So, the goal was, stay up all night because there was no way I would be able to wakeup early after days of sleeping in so much, and then pass out when I got back from shopping.

And it was going pretty well. To my great credit, I was drinking plenty of water, and, thankfully, I hadn’t even made coffee. I say thankfully because as you are about to discover, I did not get to the grocery store.

Around 4:30, I started feeling a little queasy, but nothing I couldn’t easily attribute to being up too late. Normally, if I am up for too long, I can get a little queasy, so I chalk it up to that.

Around 4:45, I realize this is more than “a little tired” so I drink some more water, and opted against my coffee. This choice will benefit me in the future, as I am nearly out of creamer.

Around 5:00, I know something is up, but tell myself I can easily power through and get to the store, it will be hard, but all I need to do is be fast. Sure, walking there and back would be tricky, but, all in all, it would be doable.

Around 5:30, I feel the familiar feeling. As someone who has spent too much time in her life vomiting, let me tell you…I know the feelings of “nah I can keep it down” all the way to “Nope it’s gonna come up.” I felt the subtle change from “nah it’s just nausea” to “Oh shit get to the bathroom.”

Suddenly, I was very glad for the “Potential Accomplishments” project I had set about doing for this evening of staying up all night, which had thus far been successful…meaning my toilet was mercifully clean.

Because boy did I heave. Oh I heaved.

(Trigger warning also gross warning- Vomit and non specified stomach stuff)

So I threw up what I thought was everything I had eaten all day.

I brush my teeth, splash my face with water, and curse the salad I had enjoyed for dinner. I have gotten sick from this salad twice now, surely I would learn my lesson?

I return to my desk, hoping to get more writing done. Shortly after, I puke again.

Uh oh, I realize, this is more than some off salad. Besides, the salad had tasted fine. This felt like so much more.

Then, around 6:15, other stomach stuff starts trying to happen. I change clothes. Crawl into bed. I spend much of the next six hours purging everything from my system, with non descriptive stomach stuff and explosively painful vomiting. This vomiting wasn’t like little peaceful chill vomit, no, this was massive shake your soul vomiting. This was the kind of heaving that has my back sore as I write this, and popped blood vessels in my face.

The fever was bad, and the aches grew with each passing hour.

Around noon, I couldn’t stand staying in bed, but I couldn’t , well…STAND either.

Around 2:00PM, I crawled to the living room, with help from Bret, who also grabbed the blankets, pillows, and phone charger for me. For the next 10 hours or so, I whined, puked, ached, slept, and was basically a messy, sick, gross, irritable mess. Sick, unable to eat, drink, or even smoke cannabis, I was a miserable, whiney mess. Bret, to his credit, was very patient with me, and took pretty good care of me.

In the evening, Bret walked to the grocery store and got me a ginger ale, and we ordered some food from Katz’s, because they have killer Matzo Ball soup, but the Doordash person didn’t bring my soup.

So we ordered again, and around 2:00 AM, I got some Matzo Ball soup, and after a small couple of bites, and a few meager sips of ginger ale, I went to bed.

Today, I am less nauseous, but the aches are bad. My back hurts terribly, I assume from all the heaving I did yesterday. My chest feels like there is a hundred pound wait on it and even though it isn’t hard to breath, it feels hard to breath. My head hurts, and every part of my body aches. The fever has been insane, with incredibly hot flashes that make me hot to the touch, to still being hot to the touch, but feeling like I am in a freezer.

As anyone who has experienced this can attest, the hot and cold flashes of a fever, plus just having one, can make you feel pretty tired and exhausted, to say nothing of the aches and dehydration.

I am “better” in so much that I am able to keep down water and broth.

I am not better in so much that I am aching, tired, dehydrated, sore, my chest has a giant weight on it.

Just sucks.

I don’t think it is Coronavirus, as it presented with more nausea than anything else, but, it is a pretty nasty virus and a crucial reminder- It is flu season.

We all need to be safe. Even without a pandemic, there are other things that can make you super sick, and that you can pass to other people. Wash your hands, often, and do it all the damn time, not just during a pandemic.

Like seriously, it is alarming seeing how many people aren’t normally washing their hands often.

We all carry germs. We can all get sick. Wash your hands.

So, as for how I am doing, being sick in all of this is just one more thing. I am probably going to do a blog about exactly how fucked I am, in regards to the pandemic, but for now, know this: We do not have the money or resources to survive this, and the benefits out there that may or may not come, will not come in time. We are hopeful, but realistic.

But I need to take some steps to feel better, including a nice hot shower, a change of clothes, and maybe, just maybe, another round of soup. I have some blogs planned for this week, and I need to get those illustrated and posted, because despite the blog that I posted today getting posted late, I haven’t missed a day in posting, and I want to stay on top of that too.

So, I am going to wrap this up, maybe add some more later, and go do some things for me, to feel better.

Well, now it is nearly four in the morning so I am going to schedule this to go live in a few hours and get to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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