Daily Blog #205: Skin Care Saturday- I Tried the Tatcha Cream…

Greetings and salutations, blog readers.

Today, I am here to discuss an amazing product I got to try, that led to me wanting to treat myself more often. Proceed with that in mind, at your own risk…because you may want to treat yourself too.

Because I had the chance to get “The Dewy Skin Cream” from Tatcha. And boy do I want more.

I have had my eye on this product for months now, and it has been not just outside my budget, but far outside my budget.

But I wanted it. I suspected it would build my moisture back barrier up, and sink some hydration into my always parched skin.

So, imagine my delight when I had the option to pick this in my Ipsy bag for March?

I clicked it, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival, grateful, again, for the ability to pick at least one item in the Ipsy bag. I wish they gave us more options like this, because frankly, I absolutely LOVE being able to pick one item…and when I get to pick one item, I always end up adding on items. In this particular case, I picked this item and picked out two more to purchase for additional money, and I regret nothing.

Everything I got was well worth it, as it usually is…but this Tatcha cream…

I plunked it into my skin fridge, which is a mini fridge I have been converting into a duel parts dab and skin fridge, to hold my wax concentrates and skin care products. I know most of these kinds of products work best when chilled, but I had heard this frequently about this cream, specifically.

Knowing I couldn’t afford to use it every day, twice daily, and knowing that I like how my day cream and SPF interact, so I try not to mess with those too often, unless I am using the Murad Environmental Shield, so with this information, I waited until the evening to use my new cream.

With my skin freshly cleaned, double cleansed and toned, I pulled out the Tatcha cream, and opened the cute purple container.

The cream was chilled, and was a beautiful lavender, one of my favorite shades of purple, which also matched the container. Excited, I put some on, and immediately was glad I grabbed this product, and also knew I was in trouble.

The cream felt like heaven on my skin, and my parched skin drank it up fast. Like that first cup of cold water after a long night, my skin drank that wonderful cream up. I applied the cream, getting my entire face, neck etc, and looked at my skin. Already, it looked happier, with a slight glow.

I have continued to use this cream, in the same fashion, every evening, and it may be the only thing saving my skin with the crappy way I have been hydrating and feeding my body this past week. It has also helped my skin rebound from all the puking I did when sick, which was a unexpected delight. I am now doubling down on my hydration and healthy eating, which will likely make this cream work even better, to say nothing of the actual benefits it does.

This cream would normally be pretty far out of my reach, with even the smallest jars costing 20, and and larger jars costing over 100. I have several creams that are wonderful, and work well, that are less than 20, for a large container. The Andalou Dreamy Night cream is 23, sometimes as cheap as 16, depending on the retailer, and is vegan, plant based and cruelty free.

I could, normally, however, maybe justify buying a smaller jar, or even a bigger one, as a special occasion, and making it last a few months, using it every other day or so, to make it last.

But, now that I have been laid off with Coronavirus, I know that is not a possibility. I can’t justify their prices, although, I would be more than willing to review and discuss each of their products in exchange for some products.

Actually, with these lay offs, and the overall struggle of the Coronavirus situation, I would gladly blog for several blogs, all about their products, if I had them to review.

But, I am hardly an influencer or anyone worth giving free products to. My grandpa used to always tell me to go for it, to “call em up and ask” and my mom had that same energy, so maybe I will send this blog to the Tatcha team and see if they want to send me a nice little box of goodies for me to review. I only really do positive reviews, and they have such wonderful products, nothing else would really be possible anyways, so I don’t know if I would be worth giving product to on that front either…but I am very honest, very transparent, and would be very appreciative of it. Maybe I should send them this blog and call it a day.

Grandpa would be proud, that is for sure.

Hey, Tatcha, wanna send me some free stuff? Because trying your cream was the best thing ever but now in the Covid-19 world we are all in, affording your products is very hard to do.

This cream feels like rubbing pure jasmine-lavender hydrating goodness all over your skin. It feels like smearing love and kindness on your skin…it feels like finally doing something for yourself, when you know you never do anything for yourself at all. If you are doing to treat yourself in your skin care routine, this cream is definitely a reason to. I know I hope to afford it when all this madness breaks down, and it has me even more seriously trying to figure out how to monetize the blog for an extra stream of income…because sometimes when you use nice things, when you try nice things, you start to want them more, and you want to treat yourself. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does demand more work. So here I am hoping Tatcha would like several blogs all about how great their products are in exchange for them sending me free stuff, but I am also thinking of how I can better make money in the future…because damn, I would like to free up my budget if using creams like this is the pay off. It feels good to treat yourself.

In a bigger conversation, we could discuss at length the many reasons I am working to diversify my income, the current coronavirus issues are also a good one, but being able to treat yourself, and show yourself love, is a key reason.

You should always be able to show yourself love. And The Dewey Skin Cream from Tatcha is definitely a way to show yourself love, so please, if you get a chance to try it, do…but be careful, it will make you want to love yourself more and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

If you want to buy it on Amazon, and want me to receive a small percentage of that sale with ZERO cost to you, please click this link and help this starving writer make money.

Thanks for Reading




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