Daily Blog #207: “Potential Accomplishments” List

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Earlier today, I was looking at how to best work on a To-Do List. I am making a To-Do list for every day, something I think that is important not only when you are laid off, like I am, but when you are trying to put out tons of content in hopes of doing what you love.

You need to have a list to keep you on track with your goals, your content, your work, and also your day to day adulting stuff, like chores, errands, etc.

I have been good with To-Do listing, and I am pretty kind to myself when I don’t get everything done, because I know how hard I am on myself when I make the list in the first place. I also know that I am my worse critic, so I try to be positive even when I don’t nail everything on a long list.

But today, Bret gave me the idea to try something like “possible victories” or something, to which I renamed “potential accomplishments” list, and already, I am loving the idea, and, the execution couldn’t be going better.

I made a healthy list for me to take while pulling my all nighter to stay up and get groceries in the morning. So far, I have been able to accomplish much more than I thought I would, including two extra blogs more than I had put on my list.

I realized that this would be a great experience to blog, so I am going to try it again tomorrow and maybe the day after and see what lessons I can learn from reframing to-do lists as potential accomplishments notes, so that maybe others may have another tool to add to their productivity handbag.

Later…Many days later

As you may know from past blogs, I got very sick on the night I embarked on this experiment, but that hardly means it wasn’t helpful…in that evening before I got sick, I was able to complete a ton of tasks, and, wasn’t mad at myself for anything I missed.

But, today, I made a massive list full of things I needed to do, needed to get done, and I started stressing myself out as I realized I was only crossing ten things off a massive list.

But it was five really hard to do things. Ten things I was too scared to do before, things I was putting off for weeks.

Then I remembered, I am building a list of potential accomplishments, not things I didn’t do.

I am building a list of things I could potentially do, and doing ANY of those things, are great things.

I did several things, and, included on that list was filming two different vlogs, writing several blogs, and editing tons of content. I got this and more done…so why would I be upset that I didn’t complete twenty incredibly hard things when I did manage to do ten?

I can now look at less things to worry about, and, the undone things aren’t undone things, but merely potential accomplishments I can have tomorrow.

So I don’t have to be bummed out that filming a vlog took an hour longer than intended, and that I didn’t start until later than I should…I still finished it, and even edited half of it.

I wrote several of the blogs I wanted to write, and even if I need to write a few more quick things before I call it a night, I have been able to get enough done so I can do a skin care routine while I do that writing, which allows me to accomplish even more from my list!

This has been a fun experiment in to-do listing, and with how discouraged I see some people being, stuck at home on Coronavirus quarantine with long to-do lists that are undone..I thought this may be a good blog for some people.

Stop holding yourself to impossibly high standards, more so when the stress levels are so high. Be proud of every accomplishment, every task, because it is an accomplishment. Word it and phrase it as one, treat it as one.

Treat these tasks as accomplishments, and, bonus…you will want to do them more. When something is no longer an oblation, all of a sudden, you want the accomplishment, the sense of having done all those accomplishments in one day, and you are no longer going to bed with a a sense of dread for not having finished a long to-do list you were doomed to fail anyway…no, instead you crawl into bed proud of all of the accomplishments you got in the little video game of life that day.

Don’t doubt yourself, you are doing great.

Thanks for being awesome, and, as always…

Thanks for Reading!




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