Daily Blog #209: Goals for April

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers! Happy April! No April fools for me, thank you very much, I think we are all having more than enough nonsense as is.

Today, we are hot on the heels from the March Wrap Up Blog, so let’s launch right into our April Goals Blog!

For April, it is hard to set goals, not knowing if we will have access to our usual lives this month, or, if normalcy will ever return to our lives, so, for now I think I will just keep my goals very similar to March, but also keeping in mind I may be spending part of April unemployed and under shelter in place orders.

All this time away from work, guilt free with no ability to search for another job, has left me with the unique chance to try and build and live that “ideal day” I have been talking about in past blogs.

So, I think in April I will try and use this time to better use my time to do the specific things I want to do.

This means things I enjoy, like writing, blogging, and vlogging, and also things I don’t like as much, but know I need to do, like working out.

Facts are facts, I hate working out. In fact, most things about being healthy I don’t like. I need to do them anyways, however, so, I need to make more of an effort to keep working out and doing a bit of activity every day. Even if that is just some yoga with some mountain climbers thrown in, I need to work out every day, and make my health a priority. Any long time reader of the blog knows I struggle with this, but I am hopeful in April, I will get better at it.

Also in April, we have one of my all time favorite holidays, 4/20, and this year, the entire month of April is one giant 4/20, with the calendar year being 2020, we have a month of 4/20. I am hoping to celebrate in a large way, although that may not be feasible with fiscal restraints from the shut down, I am planning on focusing on some cannabis content in the month of April in honor of the holiday, mixed in with the usual blog content.

So, all in all, I plan to continue to spend most of my energy and attention on my content and art, and to stay loyal to the things I love, like cannabis, while also making time for things that are good for me, like fitness. For April, I am focusing on using my time for the things I decide, since I have plenty of time to play with.

I mean, what else can any of us really do, right?

I think I have a good start on this, having launched a vlog channel on The WeedTube, and having the first volume of Flake City scheduled for self publication later this year, I have plenty of art to consume my time, so I think it would be wise to use all the free time to pursue it…

But, considering how much I love vlogging already, and how much I want to live a long life full of all my writing ideas, I need to make time for things that are important for my health too, and I need to not lose focus of the daily things I should be doing for my health. I need to be working out, stretching, moving around and getting my heart pumping, once a day, and I need to make sure I am making smart daily choices like adequate intake of fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water.

It isn’t hard to drink the water, thankfully I have a good water filtration system, and ample supply of water, and sitting at the computer and writing, blogging, and editing vlog footage, not to mention all the other administrative tasks of my blog and vlog, I am able to drink plenty of water while sitting around working…

But I don’t have a great supply of fruits and veggies right now, due to the crisis, and the layoffs.

I do have some veggies and fruits now, thankfully, so I am going to be eating them as long as I have them, and drinking plenty of water regardless.

The working out is the part I need to work on, so I am hoping to do that this evening. I need to move some stuff around, but I need to do that any to make the space a bit cuter for filming. I may do some painting first, just because I want to at least get the wall behind me the same general color, and cover the awful brown, so I may do that this evening, and then rearrange the room a bit to better allow for a work area.

Having the futon as a bed takes up space, and when I get the bed in here, it will be even tighter, even with removing the futon, the bed takes up more space…so I need to move some things around a bit.

Nothing major, and will likely make my life easier, but, I still need to do it.

Hopefully, blogging about it will hold me accountable.

So, once I do that, I can hopefully make it a bit easier to work out in here, but I need to make an effort.

An April is all about making that effort- April is all about using my new found time to do the things that I want to do for not only my art, but my health.

Let me know if you are setting any goals for April, and how your month went.

Thanks for reading.




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