Daily Blog #210: How to make a gravity bong.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

(I don’t know if it needs to be said, but just in case, this is only for adults. I never intend for any of my blogs to be suitable for children, and the following blog about cannabis paraphernalia is not meant for children or anyone not okay with that content.)

-Abbi Grasso

This blog is super exciting, because it is the blog sister to the vlog I shot and loaded to WeedTube, so, now, no matter how you like the content, you get the information.


So, let’s talk about a Gravity Bong!

Gravity Bongs are a great way to smoke, to take a small bit of weed and create a bit of a vacuum in a bottle, using water, and pull a strong, condensed hit. These are great for parties, and are highly useful for our MONTH OF 4/20! Gravity Bongs can provide a large, smooth hit, with stuff around your house. A fun DIY project, the hit from a Gravity Bong is similar to clearing an entire large bong bowl, but with only using a small pinch of plant matter. The idea here is to get pretty damn high, using not much cannabis, which makes your stash last longer…

Between businesses being closed, layoffs and inevitable economic troubles, I don’t need to tell you how wise it is to have an easy way to make your stash last longer, at your finger tips.

First, gather your supplies.

You will need a small trash can, like the kind you keep in your office or bathroom. Make sure you have cleaned this out, and that it is able to hold water. Cheap plastic trash cans are perfect in this situation, and are incredibly affordable.

Next, you will need a two liter bottle, with the cap.

For the bowl, I have the bowl for a pipe that unscrews from the base of the pipe. Plenty of smoke shops have this type of pipe still, for cheap, but, if you can’t get out of your house, don’t despair, you likely have something helpful around the house, like a small socket from a socket wrench, the small millimeter ones are great for this, and the hole can be dealt with nicely with a metal screen. In a pinch, a thick bit of stem will also work. Many people also have great luck using a small glass bowl, and I agree, only make sure you don’t use a giant one. Sure, you can do that for a gravity, but then it defeats the point of a giant hit with a little weed. A small glass bowl, however, can do nicely.

You will also need a knife and/or scissors. That’s it.

Now let’s get started. Along the bottom of the bottle, you will see a small seam, where the curved bottom and smooth bottle seperate. Use your knife to cut a small slit in the bottle, and then use your scissors to cut along this line. If you follow the line, you will get a smooth cut with few issues, like seen in the picture.

Or, to put it simply…cut off the bottom of the bottle in an even line. Some people measure the bottle, but my trash can is a bit tall, so the bottle will sit in the can a bit. I need to use the cut bottle to measure the water when I put that in, in the next step, but not right now, when I cut the bottom.

The important thing is an even line so the bottle rests relatively evenly.

Once you have your bottle sorted, go ahead and fill your cleaned out trashcan with water, using your cut bottle to ensure the proper amount of water needed is met, and that you don’t over fill it.

Leave at least an inch or two..if my friends are any indication, everyone inhales for too long and get water in their mouths…even if you change your water often this can be unpleasant, so leave two inches or so of space between the top of the water line and the mouthpiece of the bottle, to prevent bong water from being sucked into unsuspecting mouths.

Bottle sorted in the water, turn your attention to the cap. Depending on the size of the bowl, cut a hole to accommodate the base, as shown in my picture. Normally, inserting the knife and twisting helps. If you need help or guidance, please feel free to watch the full video of how to do this.

Either way, the process is to cut a hole that allows you to squeeze and twist your bowl into the cap, so you can screen your bowl onto the bottle.

Once your bowl is secure, you are now in the home stretch.

Grab a small pinch of weed and fill your bowl. I suggest starting small, as the whole point is to conserve your stash, and it doesn’t take much to get a big full hit.

Once you have filled the bowl, screw it on the bottle, light your lighter and hold it to the plant matter in the bowl, like you would any bowl, while lifting the bottle. The vacuum you are creating inside is what pulls the smoke down, much as if you were inhaling to fill the chamber on a bong.

When you burn all the plant material, unscrew the cap and, while inhaling with your mouth on the bottle, push the bottle down, stopping when you get close to the water to avoid inhaling any water, or, just getting any in your mouth.

And there you have it. One delicious gravity, easy as pie to make, with things you probably have laying around your house.

I hope you have found this How-To helpful, and that it helps you extend your stash a bit, or just have a cool way to smoke and get a great buzz.

If you would rather watch a video for this information, including how to smoke this, feel free to check out my vlog, on WeedTube.

Thanks for Reading!



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