Daily Blog #215: Coronavirus can’t kill 4/20.

Greetings and salutations my brilliant, fantastic, and wonderful blog readers and friends.

The meme that started this blog.

Today, we are discussing a topic common to most of the people in the cannabis community.

If you have been on Instagram at all, you have probably seen the meme, as shown here.

The thing is… any stoner out there knows that as long as they have the funds for 4/20, a shelter in place isn’t going to stop a 4/20 we have all been waiting for for years….a whole month of 4/20’s, courtesy of the 4th month of the 2020 year, making the entire month “4/20” on top of the day 4/20/20 being “4/20”.

As long as you have funds for weed…or whatever cannabis product you like…Coronavirus can’t kill the holiday.

Sure, we all have shelter in place orders, but uh…most people celebrate 4/20 in their homes.

Sure, you can’t have friends over, but with stashes as low as they can possibly be with lower funds from layoffs, maybe it’s best if all your mooching “I’ll throw some cash in later” friends can’t swing by to smoke all your bong hits before bouncing, leaving you dry and hitting an ashy, cashed bowl.

Not to throw shade, but most stoners know a “friend” or two like this. The person who shows up, never has their own stash, or maybe has a nug they can “split” with you. They show up, they want the name brand soda or the good bottled water, they want to order pizza and wings but never throw in for the wings, even though they requested their favorite flavor, and they all wanna take greens on your bong….and as soon as the weed runs out, or you slow down on packing the bowls, they have somewhere to be, and have to dip. Or maybe they are the kind of assholes who show up and say “Hey, lets smoke some weed” but never even brought weed. Just volunteering to smoke all your weed. I have seen some people even reach into the jar and grab the grinder….like it’s their house or something.

Ironically, never my best friends, who I would of course be okay with doing this.

Someone comes into your home, wants to be waited on, and expects you to load them a fresh bong to smoke your weed with…the disrespect.

Some times they even talk shit about the stash or the bong. “I smoked some way better shit the other day.” “My bong is even bigger than this.”

Guess what, folks?

This asshole you always end up getting stuck with?

Can’t come over! Ha! Orders from the Government, their mooching ass can’t come over.

I am not saying it is the same…The holiday is definitely changed a bit…I am plenty bummed about the menu I have been crafting…for literally months, is now for nothing.

But I also know this is for the safety of everyone, including the MANY immune compromised people in the cannabis community, and, to help keep our overworked health care system from being pushed any further.

The cool friend, who you DO actually want to come over can either sneak over, or, the MUCH more advised, do a 4/20 from their own home. Zoom 4/20 sesh, anyone? Plenty of ways exist to smoke with your friends, safely and at a distance. Considering how many people in the cannabis community use cannabis medicinally, maybe we should think about how to remote smoke with people.

Fuck if I am going to risk the lives of fellow MMJ patients.

Instead, I am reframing this AMAZING 4/20 holiday.

We all get to have the entire month off to celebrate and prepare. And the folks stuck at work? Maybe make them some edibles or something so they can enjoy something too.

I am spending my holiday month working on fine tuning recipes to make them easy for everyone to make at home, so everyone can enjoy a delightful treat, infused or otherwise. I have put up a vlog and blog about how to make a gravity bong, and may include a few more DIY smoking pieces, or just some lists/reviews of great 4/20 type movies.

The holiday lives on, and we can’t let Coronavirus win. It’s bad enough that this plant is still federally illegal, with only certain states passing laws that allowed for cannabis use and sale protections.

Coronavirus can’t kill 4/20, and if we all do our job with social distancing, it won’t keep killing people for much longer. Stay inside, celebrate at home, use edibles if smoking or vaping isn’t okay, and we will all get through this together. Turn on WeedTube for some awesome content, and don’t despair.

4/20 is still this month, and now many of us have no place to go, other than at home. So clean your bongs, make some good home made snacks, infuse em if you want to, queue up a long list of good movies, and settle in for an amazing month of celebrations. If you need company, I highly suggest you pull up The WeedTube, and go through anyone’s vlogs and channel content. The creators on WeedTube have tons of content for all the cannabis community to enjoy, and if you are worried about 4/20, or just want to feel connected with others, I highly suggest you check it out. You can find me there too!

Nothing is going to stop the spirit of 4/20.

But those memes are funny.

Thanks for Reading!




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