Daily Blog #218: Trust your instincts, because they serve YOUR goals.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today is Friday, and man, this week has been a bit tricky for me. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, and a notable drain on my energy and good spirits.

I attribute most of this to not using Sunday to prepare for the week. I do it every week I am successful, I spend part of Saturday and most of Sunday preparing for the upcoming week, planning out my content goals, making a general plan. While I may stray from the plan, I find having a plan in place makes the week easier to get through, and having a plan of attack, even one I may stray from, makes those times I stray better informed.

Like I have mentioned, sometimes you need to change your to-do list, and having this master plan for the week helps you see when you do need to change your to do list.

Anyways, this past Sunday I didn’t spend the week prepping, and instead just carried on with my usual daily plans, and my week has suffered accordingly.

Sometimes you have to trust your instincts I guess, and not listen to other people and their stupid opinions.

If someone isn’t the kind of person you want to be, why would you even listen to them in the first place? Some people may think it’s funny to mock those who want to spend a day prepping for a week, but fuck them if they can’t appreciate a different way from their own…frankly I don’t want to be like anyone who mocks planning, so fuck their derisive opinions.

Spending a day, be it Sunday, Monday, whatever your “day” is to prepare for the next seven or so days, isn’t obsessive. Depending on what you have going on, this day can mean meal prepping, if you are the sort to do that. This day could include washing your laundry and linens, cleaning your home, and taking care of any major self care projects you need to tackle that week, like a nice full skin care routine, plucking your eyebrows, and doing a hair treatment.

For me, I like to spend Sunday getting prepped, if I am meal prepping, I do like to tackle that, although for the most part I don’t do much meal prep other then when I make beans or something.

I try to plan my blog posts for the week, and now I have added vlogging to my week, I try to schedule the things I want to film, shooting days, and of course, the editing and posting times. I also can’t only clean on the prep day, so I plan out which days I need to tackle which chores, as well as keeping an eye on the daily obligations, like dishes, cooking, and when not on lockdown, work.

I also try to plan out which days I will be able to dedicate to more writing, so I can better handle the days where I maybe only have a few. Sometimes, I use this prep day to write a few extra blogs for those days, although I prefer to use Sunday to find another day in the week to do a bunch of writing.

Generally, I like to spend part of Saturday in quiet reflection, and writing. I find taking this time on Saturdays allows for a more productive Sunday, which really launches me into the week.

I didn’t do this either.

So all week I have felt ill prepared, like I am playing catch up, and all while not feeling too great.

This week, I shall not make these same mistakes. I already missed my usual posting time, for today, but tomorrow my plan is to get back to my preferred schedule. I am beyond annoyed at myself for not doing this…I have all this time to not worry about work and do my own, preferred schedule, and I am blowing it by not doing the things I like to do all the time.

Sure, maybe the days change. Maybe I spend tomorrow prepping, and Sunday writing, or maybe I write some today, and prep tomorrow, or maybe I write today and tomorrow and prep Sunday like I always would…

Either way, the days themselves aren’t as important as TAKING the days to accomplish those goals.

Even in this new “never leave the home” lifestyle, I need to stick to my guns about what works for me, in order to better utilize this gift of time, which has been my goal.

For me, this time off can be a gift, because I can’t even look for another job if I wanted to, because nothing is open, thanks to Covid-19.

I can’t “get work” so I can at least “work” for me and work on what I want…But that still means doing the things I NORMALLY do to work on what I want in my spare time.

Having more spare time doesn’t change that.

So, I say all of this to say I have to trust my instincts and do what I think is best for me, even if others say they do other things.

Other people have other goals.

I hope this serves as a nice reminder to you, if you so happen to need it.

Thanks for Reading!




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