Daily Blog #219: Getting back on track- G.Y.S.T with me.

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Now, I am writing this on the heels of yesterdays belated blog about how I got so off my schedule, and how I needed to take some steps to get back on track…and when this blog goes live it will be Saturday morning. Likely, I will stay up late on Friday night doing various things to get back on track, like writing four blogs, working on Flake City, and maybe doing some cleaning around the apartment. I will likely sleep in, but tomorrow afternoon, or, today in the afternoon, from when this blog is posted, I will rise and return to my efforts, and get my shit together.

And I thought it would be good to outline my plans not only to hold myself accountable, but to reach out to any of my blog readers and encourage you all to G.Y.S.T. with me.

Today we are having a G.Y.S.T.ing day. G.Y.S.T.ing is something I like to do on weekends, or, on any day when I realize enough is enough and I need to get shit together. G.Y.S.T., by the way, stands for Get Your Shit Together…which is what I am spending today doing.

First, we need to make a list of things we want to get done, but we will likely all have many of the same hit points…and some things we should all do regardless, like hydrate.

Every G.Y.S.Ting day should include things not only for your surroundings, like laundry or cleaning, but for you, like yoga and drinking water, maybe doing a face mask.

Tomorrow, my plan is to finish writing what I have not yet finished this evening, and a few more for good measure. I want to get the apartment nice and clean, including tackling the bathroom.

In addition to this cleaning, which shouldn’t take too long, I want to also wash my linens and do another load or two of clothing laundry. I also need to dust the bedroom, and clean up my work area a bit. I have some major cleaning I need to do which will involve more things from the bedroom being moved out of the way, but for now, I am okay with achieving some basic goals, like the laundry and clean linens.

I also have some vlogging and content I would like to make tomorrow, once the linens are clean, and some I would like to do while the linens are being washed…

I would like to get the start of the mural behind my bed started, to at least make that area a bit more complete. I worked on a smaller scale idea for the mural on an old guitar of Brets, and now I think I am prepared to work on the mural and finish that off, or at least get it looking a bit more finished, which will involve vlogging, as well. I don’t know if I will have time to get to this though, if I want to get the other things on my list, including cleaning the apartment, writing, and some yoga, done, then I may have to hold off on painting until later.

Still, if I can spend even an hour or so getting parts of it sketched out, so I can feel like I have put some work into it, on top of getting my work area cleaned up again, I will likely feel very accomplished.

Speaking of my other goals for today, I hope to actually do a but of yoga, more so after I do some cleaning, because I know my body needs me to do some more to love it, and that includes physical activity.

The shelter in place orders have limited the small amount of working out I do on average, the walking to work and climbing stairs at work several times a day, and even when I did have that, I needed to do more…so I think tomorrow while I G.Y.S.T I should use it to reset myself into the things I need to be doing in my day to day life…No matter how different it looks from normal.

And what was normal anyways, am I right? It’s not like I loved my job, I was just capable at it and it paid the bills.

I hated the hours and most the people. Now I have guilt free time to work on my own shit, so I am trying to dedicate some energy to doing the things I not only want to do, but should do…because really I want to do the things I should do, like basic yoga and working out.

It isn’t going to kill me to do thirty minutes of yoga and some mountain climbers…and maybe thirty minutes on the stationary bike.

If I can manage to do that every day, I know I will feel great, and my body will thank me.

Yes, tomorrow (today) is for getting my shit together, and that isn’t just limited to the cleaning I have neglected and the writing I should be doing.

Today, my goals are to get lots of little things that make my day to day tasks tougher.

Those little messes that take up time when I have to work around, it is time for them to be cleaned. The little things that I need to do the accomplish other tasks, also need to be done.

Will I finally tackle the hallway closet?

No, probably not, but I will force myself to make a list and itemize all the things I need to do, so I will hold myself accountable and get it done. I can use my own to do list techniques to get myself to get shit done.

In terms of self care, other than the working out I am holding myself accountable for, I will ensure I drink at least 92 ounces of water, if not at least a full 100.

I will also make sure I exfoliate my face and do the first round of face masks that I like to do on self care days. I like to do one detox mask and one hydrate mask, minimum, on these two day G.Y.S.T./Prep days. If I have time, I do a deep detox paint on mask and a recovering sheet mask after, and the next day do a deeply hydrating mask, if not also doing a secondary mask, depending on how my skin reacted to the previous days masking.

I like to really treat myself, so sometimes these masks are done in conjunction with a steamy bath or hot shower, to open the pores and ensure maximum efficacy of the masks I use.

I also tend to spend these G.Y.S.Ting days going over every old to do list I made and double checking I didn’t miss anything…if I did, I knock these things out now so I can know everything is done before I tumble into my following prep day, where I get ready to get the following weeks ass, versus getting my ass handed to me.

G.Y.S.Ting can happen after getting your ass handed to you, it can be needed after being tossed around, or dealt some rough days, hell, sometimes G.Y.S.T.ing happens because you fell off your schedule and now your life is falling apart…and somethings G.Y.S.T.ing takes longer than one day…

The important thing is to start, and to follow up your G.Y.S.T.ing day with a nice round of prepping.

Because often you need to G.Y.S.T because you didn’t prep, or, more accurately, you will have a better week and not need to have as much time spent getting your shit together…

If you plan, or make use of a prep day, it is easier to keep your shit together, negating the need to get your shit together.

To prep for my day of G.Y.S.T.ing I am making a list, some things are small and easy little tasks I have been avoiding that I just need to do, and others are big items that will bring so much peace to my mind.

Either way, my goal for the day is to G.Y.S.T my ass off, and be able to spend the day after, prepping for the week, and able to really kick ass all week long.

I hope you will decide to join me!

Thanks for Reading!



EDIT NOTE- Blog got fucked up, this is being reposted, and regular schedule will resume tomorrow. Don’t know what happened but, I am taking today (Sunday) to get to the bottom of it.



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