Daily Blog #226: ‘Twas the night before 4/20…

‘Twas the night before 4/20 and all through the land, not a creature was stirring, because social distancing and shelter in place orders are meant to be respected.

It is the eve for 4/20, and I wanted to do a little blog mentioning the holiday. I know when my 4/20 prep series began, my goals for the holiday were different, I planned on having a nice group of people, no more than ten, sure, but people would come over, and we would all smoke a bunch of weed, eat a ton of infused food, and have a fun time.

Sadly, Covid has changed that, but oh well. Because I love 4/20, and I will not let a virus ruin it.

Sure, I won’t be able to really have friends over, but I can at least make some good food and watch some good stoner culture movies and have a lovely day of relaxing, which is all ever want for holidays anyways.

For this evening, instead of making all the infused butters and oils, I will prep any food I need for my snacks, so tomorrow is easier. I will clean up, make simple syrup for my coffee, and do any little chores I can to avoid needing to do anything other than load bowls and pamper myself.

So, don’t despair, people who can’t be around others, the day can still be fun, all by yourself, and if you miss people, you can always zoom or Skype or call loved ones.

Sure, it isn’t the holiday we expected, but stoner culture can always roll with the punches and 4/20 is no different.

I myself will not be worrying about posting a blog tomorrow, although who knows, I may also end up posting one, but I won’t be pressuring myself to do so, instead I will work on engaging with the present, and also recording stuff so I can have awesome content from this chill little 4/20 I will get to enjoy.

I hope you all take some time for you, and enjoy a chill day, even if you don’t enjoy cannabis, take some time for you and relax…Covid may be ruining this holiday, but that doesn’t mean it should ruin some relaxation…we need it more than ever BECAUSE of the pandemic.

So remember to give yourself a break and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Thanks for Reading!




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