Daily Blog #227: A new “getting organized”

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am playing catch up after giving myself a full, solid day mostly off, only working on a few projects, but taking to the day off from the blog, not even worrying about posting something for the day after 4/20, either.

I have a lot on my plate, and I need to probably batch handle some tasks, like my blogs, and then get better at dedicated a couple days of the week/ten day cycle to do things like vlog or tackle major projects like painting the mural in the bedroom.

This means reorganizing things a bit, which, since the start of my week went to 4/20 anyways, and I am finally in the swing of this stay at home style, at least a little bit anyways, I figured I could work on some changes to how I approach it, partially due to how I am sleeping, but also because I am trying to use this time to work on my art and find out what kind of schedule and patterns work best for me, which mean being okay with changing my mindset on a weekly schedule.

I will need to really work hard at this, and will probably use this week observing how long each thing I do takes, observing how long it takes to film things I am doing, to load and edit the footage. Find out how much time I spend cleaning each day, because I know some time gets wasted in how I end up cleaning. I will also be observing times I could be working out, and, with Bret’s help, am hoping to finally clean out the hallway closet and finish reorganizing the bedroom so I can better utilize this space for filming and working out.

I want to make sure I am adding working out to my daily schedule.

While I understand that my content creation, everything from my creative writing, to my blog, vlog, etc, all of that can be batched a bit, but for my health, there are things I should do on the daily. These things that promote good overall health include a good skin care and hygiene routine, working out, drinking water, journaling, reading, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, etc.

So this week I am trying to assess what is a daily thing and what is a “batch” thing or a “every few days thing” and making lists, so I can better adapt to my new schedule and be productive in this time I am being gifted. I understand that it isn’t my responsibility to “be” productive in this time, but for me, I honestly love this time, and while I am broke in It, I am thankful for the time and freedom to work only art, so I want to ensure I am making good use of my time.

I finished Flake City, and I would love to have the first round of editing, where I mark possible cuts, make simple cuts, basic grammar and continuity edits, along with editing notes for the second, more story focused editing, I would like to have round one done before we all go back to work, assuming it lasts a month more. If it lasts longer, I would like round two to also be done, so I can be onto round three, where I am working on other stuff and digesting the story I just read, before returning with fresh editing eyes for edit number three.

In the midsts of that, I want to keep the vlog channel running, with a video every couple of days, and I want to stay on top of the blog every day or every other day.

I have some projects I am working on behind closed doors that will take a few hours of content creation time every day, or at least a few chunks of batch time for content. On top of this project, I have smaller projects around the apartment that will take one off time slots of giant chunks of time, but only once or twice, that I want to finish before returning to work, like the hallway closet and the bedroom. I also want to do another purge around the apartment, and get rid of anything no longer needed, to make more space for better organization for the things I do have. This will all facilitate the extra time I will need if I ever do get to go back to work.

So, at the moment I am spending some time listing out my goals for the next week to ten days or so, and getting sorted for which days I will want to spend on on each project and daily task. I am also contemplating post-it note style calendar for my desk, like I have for my wall, for this planning.

All in all, the time away from everything gave me some perspective. I was able to shoot, load, edit and upload a video to my vlog channel over on The WeedTube, with the time I gave myself from not vlogging, which gave me time to work on some projects, getting some cleaning around the apartment done, as well as getting some work done on my other project. In addition to this, I worked on Flake City a bit.

All of this is good, and the perspective is needed. Worrying about things in a one week cycle isn’t helpful right now, just like a regular sleep schedule isn’t helpful for me. For some people, sticking to the usual schedule is helpful, and recreating normal life helps them…but for me, I already struggle with the regular works patterns, so I think it is a wise idea to change my approach a bit.

So, I am going to go get myself sorted. I am going to post this blog up tomorrow, I hopes of really starting tomorrow on a fresh foot…even though I normally post every day, and my free starts normally happen on Monday…like I said, I am trying new things here.

So, I hope you all are also trying new things to find what also ideally works for you, because the best project is one where you figure out what actually makes you happy, and how to have that reality all the time.

Thanks for Reading!



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