Daily Blog #228: Sacrifices I’m making for Flake City

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today, I am writing this blog for the second time, with the first version lost to the evil writing demons who make writers lose drafts. 

Ironically, I am writing all about sacrifice I must now make, now that Flake City Volume One is finished. 

Basically, my goal is to self publish Flake City by October, preferably a week or more before Halloween. I will be doing most of the editing and publishing work myself, including the marketing, and where I am not doing the work myself, I will need to work and find the funds needed to pay for the professional assistance. 

This will all require time, which I am already short on. In order to make Flake City happen, and keeping the quality of my content decent, i need to scale back how often i post. 

This is not to mean I stop at all or that “I need a break” or something like that, but rather I need to make the sacrifices needed to have the time to achieve my own goals. 

For example: I enjoy posting on my blog every day but it isn’t feasible to post every day while also working on Flake City Volume Two, editing Volume One, working on illustrations for that, on top of the vlog, and a few other projects that take time, plus my daily obligations around the house. This is all minus the daily eight to ten hour obligation that my day job is, when Coronavirus doesn’t have us all locked down. 

I need to post less on my blog, to make for more time on the editing of Flake City, and to not make Volume Two, which I want to write much faster than Volume One, so i can’t take time away from writing it for more blog posts. Blogs are good, but the writing comes first. I will for sure be taking Sunday off, and will probably post every other day, maybe more, but not every single day. 

This will of course change, come Preptober (October) when blogging everyday becomes the norm to prep for NaNoWriMo, and then Blogmas, which I will be doing. I will be limiting my posts until October, because I will have the editing and most everything but marketing, done by the start of October, assuming i make good use of my time and my sacrifices are enough to give me the the time needed. 

In addition to this, I am scaling the vlog back to a max of twice a week, three if i have tons of time, and I do not know if i will do Vlogmas or not. I enjoyed Blogmas a lot and I don’t want to miss out on enjoying Blogmas, and failing at Vlogmas. 

I am also doing more of this work in batch style, meaning I will be writing chunks of blogs when possible and schedule the posts ahead of time, so I can have days dedicated to filming, and other days dedicated to projects or editing, because the activities are very different and i end up wasting tons of time switching between the activities. 

I have to make good use of my time which means reorganizing my schedule a bit and also taking time from other fun things to allow me the time needed to do all my content goals and side hustles. 

So, I wanted to write this blog (for the second fucking time now) to let everyone now the changes that would be coming, but also to remind everyone that there is nothing wrong with changing what you are doing, even if you don’t want to, so you can achieve your goals. 

I hate the idea of not blogging everyday, but i love the idea of Flake City being published on schedule. 

Remember to keep your priorities in mind and always focus on those. 

Thanks for reading!



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