Daily Blog #229: Ipsy Bag Review- April

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today we are discussing my Ipsy bag for the month of April! 

This bag was a delight, and thank goodness I paid for my bag in advance, for one year, otherwise with Covid-19, I would not have been able to afford the ten bucks. (Ipsy has gone up in price but I prepaid to lock in the traditional price). 

I am glad I did that, however, because with everything going on, I could use a bit of pampering, and, this bag was just what the doctor ordered, as it were. 

Overall this bag was amazing, and I was super jazzed about it almost as soon as it arrived. 

First, as usual, I was able to pick one item, because Ipsy lets you pick one item for a day, but due to Covid-19, I couldn’t afford any of the add ons, which I normally also review for you all- so today I will be reviewing the five wonderful items I WAS able to get with my preopaid Ipsy bag. 

The first item is the KALEIDO COSMETICS Skin Blush in Primadonna. 

I may have mentioned in other posts that I am in need of a new blush, and so this was an awesome thing to get in my bag!  A great shade and a lovely formula, I am very happy with this blush!

Next up is MY PICK- The item I picked this month since Ipsy gives you a day or two to pick one Glam Bag item- My item was the: YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superberry Hydrate+Glow Dream Mask.

This formula is a nice yellow color, and I thought was a regular mask until I realized it was a sleep mask. 

Now, you all may recall how much I love sleeping masks…but this mask. WOW. WOW. WOW. GREAT PICK! I say great pick because this is the item I got to pick, of my five items for this months bag. 

Love this mask. Works wonderfully, my skin looked and felt amazing. Need to get a full size of this because wow.

The next item is the KISMET Pure Vitamin C Primer. I wasn’t sure about this primer, because it looked so glittery, but when I applied it, the texture was super smooth, and just glided onto my skin wonderfully.

The glitter, while noticeable up close in a light up mirror, after you finish your make up routine, or allow the primer to settle, the glitter isn’t as pronounced.

The result, however, is a nice blurred and correcting effect on the skin, not as good as the Benefit Pore-fecional, but still quite nice.

I like the primer, and it helps my skin feel great all day. My makeup also stayed in place nicely, so this primer works as both a stand alone and with makeup. 

The PURHEALS Propolis Softening Toner had me excited for my bags arrival, and while it did help my skin feel great when I applied it, I didn’t notice anything too positive, and my skin felt itchy, dryer and like it was trying to purge.

I am going to try it during a different part of my monthly cycle, in a time when my skin isn’t so sensitive, and see if that makes this toner work any better for me. 

The last item was the ARACELI BEAUTY Chiquita Blending Brush.

I would love to give a nice long review on this brush but really, it’s a nice blending brush, a bit stiffer then some blending brushes, but in a good way, and works well for eyeshadow.

Overall, a great brush. 

All in all, even the disappointments were good, the bag design was adorable, and this bag was a big win for me. 

I woud rate April’s Ipsy bag a 4 out of five, maybe 4.5 if the toner ends up working out for me. All in all, a great pick me up that I definitely needed amid all the stress related to Coronavirus.

And now, we can look forward to May’s bag!

Thanks for reading!



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