Daily Blog #230: April Wrap Up

Greetings and salutations, Blog Readers!

As the month of April winds down, and May looms ever closer, I thought it would be a good time to do an April wrap up blog, and then of course, the follow up, May Goals 

So, let’s get at April, shall we? 

For April, I had some goals pertaining to physical fitness, some goals for getting parts of the apartment organized, some other boring objectives, along with prioritizing things better, celebrating 4/20, and working on my art. 

In many ways I was either successful, in some capacity, or the plans changed because of things I didn’t know would happen, and I am therefore adjusting the plans. 

So, for April,I didn’t work out as much as I had hoped to, but I did work out a little, and I did make an effort to think of a better position for things to encourage me to work out more often. 

For 4/20, I celebrated as best I could, and continue to do so. 

For creativity, I worked nonstop on Flake City, and now have a ton of editing to look forward to, because I finished Flake City. 

In terms of prioritizing things better, I realized I would have to make cuts in my life for my artistic endeavors, like Flake City, so I would definitely say that was a success as well.

It was a month where none of us really knew what was going to happen, so it was nice to stay productive and semi positive during the period of time. I am brainstorming on my goals and plans for May, in that same space of not really knowing what to for the month, but it is fairly safe to assume I will likely not be going back to work so… I will continue with my writing, with that taking more time than anything, I will be vlogging and blogging on a reduced schedule to allow me the time I need for Flake City and some other projects I have going, and when I am able I will be practicing “batching” where I write several blogs, film a few vlogs, etc, at once, to hopefully have more time left over for editing Flake City. 

Flake City will be undergoing three rounds of edits and if I can have round one completed before the end of May, I would be very happy…

Of course now I am talking about goals for May so I need to get back to the topic at hand…

Wrapping up April.

All in all, I am pleased with April. I could have worked harder on my goals and frankly I think I need to keep the goals for the month posted somewhere for me to see, so I can focus on them more. 

Which may be something I do next month. Stay tuned for the next blog to see what my goals are and how I plan to better achieve them. 

I hope you have all had a great month and are gearing up for an awesome May. (Even in Rona has everything kinda fucked) 

Thanks for Reading!



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