Daily Blog #231: May Goals

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers! 

In my last blog post, I wrapped up the month of April, and talked about some of the things I did well in April, and even began discussing some things I could do in my life to improve upon my process, as it were. My goals here were to improve upon my process and meet my next months goals, which of course, would be a little different then the months previously. 

So now I am here to talk about those goals and what all I will be doing to accomplish them. 

Last month one of the goals I had was, like many months, to work out more. I worked out a few times, which was an improvement, but this month I want to make more of an effort to work out. 

To achieve this I am going to tackle some projects around the apartment to give me more room in the bedroom so working out isn’t so much work, and I can spend more time working out versus fighting laundry hampers and studio lights. 

I want to spend lots of time on my content, and I want to make sure that time is well spent so instead of simply saying “spend lots of time” I am putting goals in place for certain projects. 

For Flake City, for example, I want to finish the first round of editing for volume one, before the end of the month, so I have to make sure I balance my time well with my other content goals and projects, to get this massive project edited. The first round tends to move very quickly, but still takes a lot of time, with massive cuts, tons of rewrites and annoying grammatical corrections, to say nothing of the fucking annoying typos that ruin my life, and take up hours of my precious editing time. 

I am going to be making sure I never feel rushed to work on a blog over writing, either. At this moment, Flake City and a few other writing projects, have to take up more of my energy than my blogs, so my posting schedule is going down so I can accommodate that. If my read and view rates are any indication, however, it is for the best that I do this. 

People don’t seem to enjoy reading blog posts every day, and they seem to hate reading my blogs on a Sunday. 

So why waste my time? I should work on Flake City. 

I have mentioned before that I will return to blogging every day, come October, partially because that is when Preptober begins, but also because that is when I should be releasing Flake City, so my writing, editing, formatting, should all be done, and I should instead be marketing again, which makes blogs every day much more logical. I will likely work on some story or another for NaNoWriMo in November, and will certainly do Blogmas in December before launching into whatever the new year looks like. 

My other goals are more personal, but I will write them down, never you fear, and if you are in the know about those goals, you know them. 

For now, I these are my goals, and I am going to put them (or shortened versions) on my little peg board that is hanging in my work area, to keep reminding me of my goals, which is my applied lesson from April moving forward into May. 

I think this “may” be a good month, and I hope you all join me in allowing ourselves to feel positive, no matter how scary it gets out there. 

Thanks for Reading.


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