Daily Blog #233: Blog Update and prepping for my trip!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

It has been a while since we were last able to chit chat and catch up, and we are long overdue…sadly I don’t believe today will be the day for us to catch up. 

Today is crazy busy, as I have been preparing to leave to go out of town this week! Leaving tomorrow! I am going to Colorado, a state I have wanted to visit for two main reasons: The mountains, and the cannabis. 

Sadly, in May, it is unlikely that it will be snowing, but it is likely to be fairly cold, and we will be spending a few of those days camping. 

I am very excited!! A few days of being around mountains, with legal weed, getting all that sweet, sweet content. I am going to, I hope, be able to get a ton of content needed for Flake City, as well as for my own personal content game, like the blog, and of course, my vlog over on The WeedTube. 

I am very excited for all of this, as it going to be at least eight weeks until I can get back to work, it is good to spend this free time doing some of the things I have been wanting to do. 

At the moment, I am in the middle of prepping and packing for Colorado. Earlier, I made Jell-O shots and chicken cutlets, the former for the destination, the later for the trip there, my goal was to save money. 

We will be camping the first night, then an AirBnB a couple of nights after that before we depart for camping once more for a day or two. Personally, with the weather anticipated, I personally foresee wanting to stay camping longer, but we are going with Amanda’s Dad, and I have no idea how long he will want to camp, or how long any of us will be able to tolerate those thin little air mattresses we have for camping. 

If the factors allow, however, I would be game for a few days of it, just because it would be nice to camp in the mountains for a few days, and it will be even nicer to get away from the city for a while. 

I plan on filming a lot of content, but I also hope to be writing and editing. I have the big chapter eleven edits and rewrites to do, and those are so massive I will likely call these kind of editing jobs “Chapter Eleven” edits from here on out, because holy goodness, this is a massive amount of work. I will be editing and writing from a place of inspiration, however, in the mountains, more so with the landscape of Flake City being mountainous. 

And of course, as I mentioned, getting some content for Flake City, the vlog and the blog. 

Yes. Time for travelogues. 

For those worrying, we will be following all safety protocols and guidelines, but because of the world we live in, business takes us to Colorado, so we are being as safe and cautious as possible, while also trying to make good use of the time and opportunity. 

I haven’t had time to talk about my life lately, and all the changes going on, but I do hope to have time to blog that soon, but until then please know that life is crazy and we have to do what we have to do, and I am doing it as safely as possible. 

But on the lighter side of it all, I am very excited for this trip, and, despite the safety precautions we will have to take, like being masked at all times, I am very happy for this opportunity to go to a place I have wanted to go back and visit for years. 

I am hoping to get to visit (at a safe distance) with some friends, see some great spots, and maybe even go on some hikes…or at very least sit and stare at the mountains and write, journal, draw…think. 

I have a lot of change to sort through, and the past few months, even before the pandemic, have given me much to think about, so I look forward to spending some nice quiet time with my thoughts, getting good and settled in my own head, and diving into all the work and art I want to do, with a clean and clear head space. 

I can’t wait to get to this little trip. But in order to be ready for it, I need to finish packing, so I am going to wrap this up and finish my packing for tomorrow! 

Stay tuned for fun content all about this trip- be sure to be following me on WeedTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and all that fun stuff to see everything I post and to help us connect. @AbbiGrasso on all of em. 

Thanks for reading!



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