Daily Blog #234: My first trip to a recreational cannabis dispensary.

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today I am happy to be blogging about my first visit to a legal dispensary. 

A few disclaimers, as my first visit was during a freaking pandemic, but, circumstance found me in a legal state and my business absolutely involves checking out any cannabis scene I can, more so in a legal state, so before doing much of anything, I was walking to a dispensary! 

A key thing to note, if you don’t spend all your spare time reading up on cannabis culture and staying abreast of the rules, it isn’t always some kid in a candy store situation. 

Until it is, of course. But, for me, while I have been prescribed medical marijuana, and while I do have conditions that would qualify me, I do not live in a state that offers it, so when I visit another state, I get to enjoy the same out of state nonsense everyone else has to, and even with that, the experience was pretty awesome. 

But Covid definitely made it less special. 

First, I couldn’t use the close by medical only facility, because while I do have a medical need, I don’t have the state ID needed to get it, so walking to the further away recreational dispensary was my route. 

Considering how burnt I had gotten in literally five minutes of bare arms, I wore my long hoody and big hat, and made my way to the dispensary. 

There was a line to get in, due to Covid, which was expected, and I had my mask. The line moved pretty fast, which when I got inside, I learned was due to the brisk and efficient, albeit it depressingly impersonal, manner in which things moved. X’s were marked, that you had to stay on, and while you had “time to browse” while the customer ahead of you placed their order, you really were only able to look at whatever was near your marked X. Once it was my turn, a guy in a mask rapid fire asked me what I wanted and I was very glad I am an experienced smoker, or I would have cried. 

Thankfully, I knew what I wanted to get, I knew the kind of weed I like, and I knew what flavors of edibles I prefer, so none of the rapid fire questions mattered, and I only really struggled with figuring out which chocolate flavors he had said, because some ran together…so I grabbed another preroll to go with my gummies and said fuck it. 

After I made my order he told me where to go to get cash and gave me my number….a quick visit to an in house ATM and I got cash to get my order. I would have paid about the same with my dealer back home, and she would have delivered it to my door…also with much more personal attention paid namely to the gummies, but, it was LEGAL and that in itself was pretty good?

I mean, the really cool thing was walking outside with bag of gummies and some good sativa pre-rolls and not worrying about any cops. 

I loved walking down the street with my stash, worry free, and all in all, even though the dispensary itself was not as fun due to Covid issues, the thrill of my favorite flower not being illegal is pretty great. 

Because this is my absolute favorite flower and is an amazing plant, and yet it’s still illegal in places, and that fucking drives me nuts. 

So, it is really nice to just exist and freely smoke weed. 

I am literally doing what I would do at home, working on the blog, the vlog, and Flake City, but I can step outside and smoke weed, legally, which helps me be more productive. 

As for the weed, the variety of options is amazing, and having Sativa options is wonderful, as my dealer tends to supply more Indica’s than Sativa’s. 

All in all, I am able to work and be productive, which makes for a great non-vacation-vacation I suppose. 

I’m enjoying it. 

And that is my first dispensary story. Chill, impersonal, but in the end, exactly what I wanted- Sativa, legally. 

Thanks for reading. 



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