Daily Blog #235: Content and travel catch up. (Where I have been and what I have been doing)

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I thought it would be a good chance to catch up with you all with what I have been up to, since my posting on the blog has slowed down. 

And, as it turns out, my slowed down posting has offered me a unique insight, so I’ll be able to wrap this blog up with a neat lesson for you all too. 

First, where I have been and what I have been doing. 

For the full details of what all I have been up to, you can always check out my Vlog, over on WeedTube. It is important to remember that I don’t always have the energy to show the same events in blog, vlog, Instagram post, Snapchat updates…sometimes the stuff I am doing, like traveling or hanging with friends, is best shown on the vlog, which, is part of the reason I started it. 

The blog, in turn, is now able to be more focused, which, if you recall, has been my goal. My goal has been to build a base of people who like my different types of writing. My zombie content, my cannabis content, my daily blogs, my skin care product reviews…I now have a nice group of just over 200 people on WordPress who follow me, some read faithfully, every post, while others read what interests them. 

Now that I am able to show more day to day type content, on the vlog or the blog, I can pick which to use to show the day to day, and which to use for bigger ideas. I knew some things I would either need to blog because the footage wasn’t available, or I would prefer to write them, like with reviews, whereas with smoking videos, hanging out, drinking, all of that, I prefer to vlog. 

For things like making a gravity bong or cleaning your pipes, I make both, so people who want or need that information have the option of getting it in whichever format best suites them. 

I have been updating Snapchat more than Instagram because I mostly prefer the app, and also like the option of swiping up, so if I am talking about a particular blog or vlog, I can link it, whereas on Instagram, I am not popular enough for that, haha. 

All this to say, if you are ever wondering what is going on, feel free to check the vlog, because it is likely the content is easier presented over there, and I tell the vlog the same thing, and try to tell people on the various social medias that I may be on others. 

I tend to also be findable on twitter, as well. And, conveniently, my name is the same on all channels, @AbbiGrasso

So, what I have been up to, is more interesting, and does go with where i have been. 

Since I don’t have my job now, or possibly ever again but there aren’t jobs to pursue, I am working on Flake City, but also on my vlog content, and on traveling for experience for both the vlog and blog, when possible. You may recall me discussing the trip from Galveston leading to a trip from Colorado. 

On the way home from Colorado, all of which I vlogged, we stopped in Austin for a couple nights, and then, after not finding anything affordable due to holidays, we opted to travel to Houston and have a chill staycation at the apartment before returning to Austin to do the same in Amanda’s apartment. 

Yesterday, I spent time purge cleaning the kitchen and parts of my bedroom/office, and then we drank heavily, some of which I have vlogged, but I am now a few days behind so I will need to catch that up after I update this blog a bit. 

My goal for tomorrow is to maybe do more purge cleaning, as I want to leave the apartment in good shape for coming back, but also to get my writing and vlog editing caught up, and sometimes vlog editing can take no small amount of time. 

The travel has been good, as I have been offering my services to dispensaries, head shops, and other cannabis related companies, to make content for them, or to even do singular posts for them. I am also working on more personalized content strategies for companies, and in the coming months, plan on rolling out some more public services on the blog that I will freely talk about to everyone versus only people I am potentially in business with. 

My goal here is to make just enough to pay the bills, in case Covid does ruin my job opportunities, but also to use this time to chase my dreams of paying my bills from cannabis content. 

I am also hoping this time builds towards my goals with Flake City, which, as we get closer to the release date, gets more fleshed out, in terms of how to release the information and content. 

Just like with my life, I won’t want to have only the written or video accounts of Flake City, I would like to have as many mediums as possible, all of which will take some time, and I am using this time to get as much done as possible. 

Some of this travel has been specifically for Flake City, like with Colorado, and I look forward to making a few more trips to finishing getting what I need for Flake City, and along the way, I will Vlog or Blog, as I wish, to give you all as much of the content as possible. 

The world through my eyes, or whatever. 

If you want to make sure you never miss anything, make sure we are connected on all the social medias, and be sure to comment to let me know to follow you back. 

I look forward to sharing the rest of my travels and writing with you all. 

Now for the lesson:

After the first dip, my read rates were high, and are actually higher than usual. I am also picking up followers, and those followers and I have awesome conversations. I am able to reach more people, and have better engagement, quality discussions, with those people.

I have also had time to do something I love, which isn’t just content creation, as it turns out, I actually really enjoy vlogging and genuinely enjoy editing too.

I have time to work on Flake City, and vlog, and do my art, the things I want to do. Sometimes diversifying your content is a good thing, because even if you think you may lose readers, you actually gain viewers and readers, and make even more human connections. Shout out to all of you, you fucking rock.

I hope you enjoyed this one, and as always-

Thanks for reading!



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