Daily Blog #238: Instructions for double-tapping the zombie in the room

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today, we are discussing Zombies! Like I always do!

Sort of. 

You see, we all have a zombie we need to double-tap, and I need everyone to make sure to double-tap this particular zombie. 

I need everyone to make it their life mission to kill and destroy, hell, totally obliterate, this zombie. 

Which zombie is that, you ask?

Today, and every day…I need you to double tap the zombie known as Racism. 

We have discussed before how zombies can represent a number of social issues including racism, sexism, fascism, social and or economic disparities, along with military or governmental commentary, police commentary, emergency response commentary… or any of the above in any number of combinations, and in 2020, we have had many zombies to deal with…hell, I think half of us are still bracing for ACTUAL zombies. 

But, other than the roaring pandemic that is, holy crap, still going on, we also have, it seems, finally brought this countries rampant racism to the forefront of media attention…

Of course, it remains to be seen how long it will last, and how long the influencer’s will actually stick to the cause. 

But, for the moment, people are rioting, and, even though the media is playing itself, the cops are being as evil as ever, and the government is as incompetent and evil as ever, the people are all noticing, and some people have surprisingly stood on the side of the “burn it all” crowd. 

Even more have stood with Black Lives Matter in demanding true reform and change, with many different demands, being made, which, if done together, could force the change we need. 

Mind you, I think the whole system needs to be thrown out and start again, I get that reform could get us there… My issues stem from the fact that the police system was born from run away slave patrol, ergo, I think the whole thing is a mess. 

STILL Reform, if done right, could get us where we need to be, but only if we address the zombie in the room, folks. 

The zombie known as racism. 

You see, we know the police target minorities. Sure, police kill white people too, the police are evil, that’s why I want the whole institution done and a new system in place BUT, I also know that racism is a problem, because we don’t demand justice as often for the Black and POC lives lost. We have a problem because while a white person may also be arrested alongside other people, the white person has less bail, and frequently leaves first. 

The Black community is heavily policed, with cops targeting area’s they deem as “high crime” but…if you think about it, that just means the cops hang out in a place, catch criminals, and those rates are therefore false…because who the fuck is policing the area’s they deemed safe enough to not get policed as heavily?

I know…They are going unpoliced, with low crime rates. But girls like me get raped in those cute little suburban areas with “low crime”. Anyone who has really dealt with crime knows they see more in the nice parts of town than the rough parts of town. 

Who the fuck wants to rob the poor any fucking way. 

Racism, my friends, is the zombie at the root of those altered crime rates. Crime exists everywhere, you see, and much of the statistics we try to throw around about areas of crime, many of them are influenced by a racist institution. 

There are a million and one ways we face the zombie known as racism every day. 

We pay Black and POC less money at jobs for the same work. Pay and housing disparities, which are often talked about with zombies, using zombies as a stand in for these issues, are often influenced by….you guessed it, racism. 

Calling the police when you see a Black person you believe “doesn’t belong” by the way, is racist. Even if they don’t “belong” there, they aren’t “dangerous” and they are no more dangerous than any white person you wouldn’t call the police about. Also, all humans belong so knock it off with this idea that some how people don’t belong. 

Mind your own fucking business! You don’t know if they don’t belong. You don’t know everything. I am tired of you assholes thinking you know everything when you can’t even tell me your neighbors first name, much less the names and identities of every friend of theirs who may stop by on a Sunday afternoon. 

Calling the police, when the police have proven to be nothing more than thug murderers, can end innocent lives. 

And if that is what you WANT then you are an absolute racist and all around giant bag of shit, and I fucking hope you choke. 


Insisting that you “Don’t see color” doesn’t help, by the way. Seeing them, and honoring their experience, fighting for fairness so their color isn’t held against them, is the goal here.

Being “not a racist” isn’t enough. You must be anti- racist. AGGRESSIVLY ANTI- RACIST. We are fighting an all out war out here. 

Other examples of racism and shit that doesn’t really help are:

“If you protested peacefully/if you did it differently”- First of all, that didn’t work and y’all complained about that shit too. Second, you have oppressed people for over 400 years, you don’t get to complain about how this goes. 

“It was just a joke” Fuck your joke it wasn’t funny and it wasn’t a joke.

“I can say the N word, I have Black friends, I like rap music, I’m ‘taking it back’”. No. Fuck you. You can’t say it. I don’t care “if they can say it” and I don’t care what names you have been called, and I don’t care what music you bump, people you know, or any other excuse, if you aren’t black, STOP saying the fucking N word, and YES even when you end it with an “a” instead of an “r”.


“In my opinion it wasn’t racist.” It isn’t for you to decide, Rebecca. 

“Just to play devils advocate here,” For what? Because it’s good to “play the side of a racist?” Get all the way the fuck out of here with that kind of moronic thought. I comepeted in, coached and taught competitive debate- You aren’t qualified to play devils advocate and we all know you are merely using those words to cover up your desire to debate for the side of racism. No one asked you to make it a debate, so shut the fuck up, or at least admit to what you are doing, which is eagerly arguing on the behalf of the WRONG SIDE. Because there IS a wrong side to this. 

“____ people are racist too, in fact, one time…”

Shut the fuck up. One, I doubt you are even telling a real story, two, ONE PERSON doing something, DOESN’T mean the entire group is bad. 



“We ended slavery a long time ago, it’s over, racism isn’t real.”

First of all, it wasn’t THAT long ago, and it took us WAY TOO LONG to end it. 

SECOND, SLAVERY, while being racist, AND WRONG, wasn’t the ENTIRE institution of racism, ergo, RACISM, is still a fucking problem. Further more, as I mentioned, police got their start from RUN AWAY SLAVE PATROL, so maybe police really are the problem here, and maybe, just maybe, the entire institution is actually still pretty racist, based on how it began. 

Like how our country is always going to have this problem until we change it fully, because we let slave owners talk about what was morally and legally correct for a country. 

“What I did isn’t racist” that isn’t for you to decide, Chad.

“Why is everything about race” because they can’t breathe because of their race, therefore we have to confront you every single day about this problem. Anti- Racism is the only way to solve it. 

These are just a small sampling of nonsense people say and do that are part of the problem, in addition to staying silent on issues about race, including, but not limited to, police brutality, pay and housing disparities, and legal inequalities. 

Silence is violence. You may not be saying the N word or lighting a cross on fire in some persons yard, but every time you don’t speak out against racism, every time you let yet another comment slide, you are complicit in the violence. 

You are a zombie. 

Don’t be a zombie. 

We fight zombies around here, remember?

Don’t let the zombies get you down. 



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