Daily Blog #241: Writing Lessons- Editing Chapter Eleven

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Time for another Writing Lessons blog series post. Be sure to check out the first post if you like this sort of writing blog.

Much like the hallway project, for a while, I had a project that would take much of my time and sanity: Editing Chapter Eleven of Flake City. 

This wasn’t a simple edit, where you format the paragraphs, add spaces and pauses, correct grammatical errors and typos…double check for the odd correctly spelled but misused word, and correct every last “te” instead of “the” you can find. 

No, this wasn’t even an edit where I used the wrong name, described the wrong person, or messed up continuity. 

This was a “oh shit I fucked up the timing and the back-story and none of the rest of the story makes any fucking sense unless I correct this, ” kinda edit. 

And it made it impossible to move on without first editing it because the rest of the story would require some small edits to match the changes I would need to make, in order for all the other stuff to make sense. 

And so, I had massive rewrites and edits for chapter eleven. 

So, naturally, like most writers, I procrastinated my head off, until finally, I knew I was causing more harm than good and would, ultimately, delay Flake City’s release, if I didn’t pull my head out of my ass and get to work, so I did. It took about three days of actual writing, working in the evenings when I was in Austin. 

I even started a whole different story in a totally different style of writing and story, JUST to try and avoid the editing of this chapter. But, I told myself I couldn’t write another word until I caught up on Flake City. 

And here I am. Behind as hell. 

But I am catching up. I have been low on energy, and allowing myself too many excuses, all of which are justified, but I need to make use of whatever time I can in writing, and I therefore can’t waste time procrastinating any longer than I have. 

So I dove in and got to editing chapter eleven. I kept thinking “okay and NOW it’s done” and it was so far from done. 

This chapter was major, giant in terms of structure and development. Early in the story, and giving birth to a few characters, all of whom are important. One character has been in the story a little in passing, but this is her first chunk of space where you get her back story…and you also get the back-story of lots of little bits of everything that goes into the action at the start of Flake City. So many breadcrumbs in the story. 

I probably don’t need to tell you that often times the beginning of a zombie story has lots of important information in it, and this chapter required no small amount of work. 

Hell, I still have edits to do on it, but, I sat down and knocked out the bulk of the chapter, minus a few small edits I will likely do on my next round of editing. 

My next round of editing, speaking of which, by my count, I should be getting ready to start soon. And I am nowhere near ready for that yet, as I haven’t finished my first round of editing. 

Needless to say, I have to get my ass in gear and make some time-lines, and, more importantly, stick to them. 

So I am going to get to work. 

Are you working on your art?

You should be. 

Thanks for reading. 


P.S. – Remember to stand up and act out against all forms of oppression including racism, fascism, police brutality, and any other zombie out there.

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