Daily Blog #242: Working out, eating a little healthy, and trying to do it all.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today, we mark an attempt at returning to some sense of normalcy online, although it is still in beta test. 

What I mean is I have been changing my habits and focusing more on things that I need to focus on, like editing Flake City, keeping the apartment clean, and of course, the long hoped for goal of actually taking my health seriously and working out. 

Not only have I been working out, I have been eating SLIGHTLY healthier, making an effort to drink enough water to stay healthy, but also eating smaller portions and making small choices to have the overall food be healthier, like zucchini noodles when I want pasta. 

My Zoodle (Zucchini noodle) concoction that I love so much.

I have, for three days in a row, done an aggressive work out that I can continue to build on for when I am at home, changing up elements as needed, to get a nice work out, full of cardio, some toning, good amount of stretching, and a dash high intensity work outs. I hate working out, but, alas, I have actually been doing it, and have been working hard on actually following through with my word to be healthy and take my health and fitness seriously. 

My goal is to continue this, while also adding back in some online content, while still editing. I want to get back to my usual blog and vlog schedule, or at least the modified one of at least a couple blogs a week and one vlog a week, adding more as I am able. 

Picture of me hating my life during a work out.

The work outs and editing of Flake City have to come first, however, so when I squeeze in third and fourth blogs, like I am doing with this blog this week, I may have to make them shorter, or at least lighter, more of the Daily Blog style blogs I grew this blog with. 

Which is fun. 

I also have some blogs I need to get to writing, so I don’t want to take too long waxing poetic about this blog, but I wanted to update the blog, Daily Blog style, and talk about my actually working out and doubling down on my commitment to be healthy and do better in my life. 

I am working on a few other projects that will hopefully better my life, and I look forward to sharing those all with you in the coming months as well, but in the meantime, I need to make sure I get to everything, so I will wrap this up and say thank you so much, as always, for being as awesome as you are. 

Thanks for Reading, 




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