Daily Blog #244: Writing Lessons series-finishing round one edits of Flake City

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers!

Today I am writing to you from a familiar spot from the old blog days- on the stationary bike! 

I am blogging while I bike to catch up on the time I lost gaming earlier to celebrate not only writing another blog today but also finishing round one edits of Flake City. 

Which seems as good a time as any to talk about a fun little lesson I picked up while editing Flake City. 

When you write, you may or may not be thinking of your audience, but it stands to reason that by the time you are editing you are thinking of the potential reading audience. Even If you aren’t thinking of them in terms of “Will they like it” you are likely thinking – is this clear? 

For me I found a few spots that weren’t clear and that required extra attention but it didn’t take long to formulate the ideas into semi cohesive sentences most of the time. 

I still have several long edits left, the next being a hopefully quick one, one where I read and check for continuity and pacing – this last one I did preliminary formatting, and the first pass of grammatical edits- as well as the correcting continuity errors I found. 

In the next section I will likely also have to write a few scenes but that will depend on how much other editing phase two requires. 

As you may recall from the chapter edit blog, phase one was a long time in the works, so I hope for part two to be faster. 

I mainly hope that because I want to get back on track for releasing this for you all because I am thinking of my audience- and I want you to all enjoy it. 
I know it probably sounds bad but, you are your first audience, and it’s a good thing if you enjoy the story.

I truly enjoyed reading it- even in this draft form.

Which kind of validates the hard work I’m doing. 

Because the work is good and the writing is worth it. Sure, it may be weird to some people, but other people, people like me? Will probably love Flake City- and that’s awesome.

Because I really enjoyed the story. I actually got all the way to the end and thought I had lost some of the writing, only to realize that while I wrote it- I also made it a cliff hanger for the end of volume one- so I was actually left cliff hanging as well. 

For my own writing. 

That’s a good sign for good things for future readers. 

And it’s a good feeling to launch into phase two of editing with.

Anyways, I have to finish this work out so I can sneak in some writing time before bed, so I’m going to draw it to a close here and say thank you so much for reading. Until next time, remember, you are the first audience, you better be able to enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!



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