Daily Blog #247: Writing Lessons- Sometimes subtly is boring to edit.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers.

In the past three days I have learned that no version of myself can procrastinate on stuff than the version of me stuck editing.

So I started looking at why I was miserable doing editing, other than the usual reasons, like editing being not unlike taking a sword to your soul.

Namely, I found I was a little bored. I have done a few light edits of this material before and, I have, logically, read the first half more times than the second half.

The downside to this being that not only is the first chunk more polished, but it has been read enough times to make me a little bored.

To make matters worse, I am working on a very subtle little lesson, a small showcasing of some subtle issues, like privilege, which means parts of Flake City will have less action and tension, making it, sort of…well…you know. Boring.

Not that the overall thing is boring, but, it is less tense than the rest, and has been read more times, and edited more throughly, than the second half, which has arguably more action, a bit more “fun” characters, and, much less polish, with less edits and only, in some parts, one read through.

I am bored.

And I have about about 50,000 words or so before “that other part” starts kicking in, and while I know that in even less time I have more interesting things to edit, and, yes, even a few scenes to write, which could make not only the material, but my efforts in it, more enjoyable.

And yet, I have played levels of video games I don’t like, I have blogged blogs in advance, I have helped one of my best friends plan his next birthday.

I have gone out of my way to avoid editing to the point of making brownies. Tomorrow, I suspect I’ll bake bread, all to avoid the editing.

Because sometimes, showcasing subtle lessons, like some of those I am doing in Flake City, like lessons on privilege, told through the subtle art of a zombie story, can be slow and boring to edit.

Which is crazy considering how much I do love this stuff. Then again, it has been edited more times, as well, so it is safe to assume this contributes to my overall boredom and the massive procrastination that is born from that.

Hell, even this blog post itself was started so I did’t have to edit.

Pathetic, isn’t it?

Still, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to dive into it…it does help to know part of my problems even more so to know that if I attack this problem, I can help fight that many more zombies of the world.

And so, I will close this blog here with this writing lesson.

Sometimes subtle lessons for your readers to catch can be boring to write. That’s okay. Writing can’t all be whimsical world building. Take breaks as you need, but always get back to the work itself, because those lessons, even if they are boring to formulate and write, are worth it.

Okay, I am going to go edit now and stop avoiding it.

Thanks for reading!




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