Daily Blog #248: My thoughts on legal cannabis

Greetings and salutations, blog readers! 

Today, we are talking about my thoughts on legal weed, which I touched on briefly in a previous blog, about my first visit to a dispensary. 

So, as anyone who knows me knows, I believe cannabis should be fully legal. I mean so damn legal that I can grow at least ten plants or more in my back yard, be left fully the fuck alone any time I smoke it, fully legal with no ramifications or problems. I love cannabis. 

I love that some places have legal weed as much as I hate that some places don’t. 

Fortunately I have recently gotten to visit a place where it is legal, and I must say…I have some simple thoughts about legal cannabis, after having spent some time in a state where it as totally legal. 

Fuck anyone against cannabis legalization. 

It is so nice to be able to finally have the stuff I want to get my work done. No more am I having to depend on my dealer to maybe get some sort of hybrid that is more sleepy indica than creative sativa. (Although she does work hard to keep me stocked, she has extra she has to do to do it, that she wouldn’t, if it were legal.) No, now, I can get the sativa I want for the work I want to do, and some indica for the sleep I like to enjoy. 


I can smoke in some places, with others still being against cannabis, which is funny because they weren’t this angry about tobacco or alcohol but whatever.  

Being able to step out and smoke some weed when I want to, and for that weed to be the kind I want, is even better. 

But, all in all, legal weed just brings me back to the same thoughts I always have when I look at legalized weed.


This plant should be legal. 

I love cannabis. 

It’s the only thing I would ever be willing to tattoo on my body at this point, other than my own writing stuff, which I wouldn’t do until after I did a “first tattoo” and the “first” would only ever be cannabis. 

Yeah. I am sick and tired of the plant not being legal. 

It is dumb. Like, c’mon, it is a great little flower and makes everyone happy. 

Anyways. It’s late, and these are my thoughts about my favorite flower. 

It is really nice to have it be legal, and to enjoy it. I hope we all get there soon. 

I could go on for days about why, and I likely will, but, for now, I just wanted to say this and remind you all that weed still isn’t legal, and even in the places it is legal, innocent people sit behind bars for what others are currently making money doing, and by in large, the people sitting in jails are the minority communities most impacted by the bogus “war on drugs.” If your state is considering legalization make sure you are active and vocal about the need to release all cannabis related offenses from jails upon legalization, include financial provisions and grants  for minority owned cannabis companies, and if you are in a state where cannabis is already legal, use your voice to get those in jail, freed, so they can go to the dispensary too. 

Help us fully legalize this awesome little flower. 

Thanks for reading!



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