Daily Blog #249: Pretty much the G.Y.S.T. of it. (Quick guide for getting your shit together)

Greetings and salutations, blog readers! 

I spent the other day G.Y.S.Ting, and I actually vlogged my G.Y.S.Ting for the vlog channel on WeedTube, and I thought it would be cool to have a blog with some G.Y.S.Ting tips, to help everyone who wants to, get into the “Gyst” of it.  I have written about G.Y.S.Ting before, so feel free to check those blog posts out too.

When you realize how much G.Y.S.Ting you have to do.

So, first of all, what is “G.Y.S.Ting?” 





I tend to use G.Y.S.Ting days to catch up on things that I have fallen behind on or that have just piled up. Recently, I had entered into a 30 day work out challenge but with my period, combined with a nasty headache and bad sushi, I missed three days. So, the first thing on the to-do list for me, was to make sure I would work out at some point that day.  

I also had let a few chores fall to the wayside, and I wanted to catch up on those. I do have another GYSTing period planned, this evening actually, for some things like laundry, but, a key part of GYSTing is to make a good list that isn’t obscenely hard to make happen- or else you may end the day with your shit not together, and that could make everything worse. 

So, attack what you NEED to attack, and add extra jobs you can attack, if time allows. 

For this day, my goal was to clean the bathroom, tidy up the living room, clean the kitchen, work out, catch up on editing, schedule a blog, etc etc, all while vlogging to catch up on that content, and maybe offer some G.Y.S.Ting help for anyone else who may want to get their shit together after a day or two, or more, of neglect. 

I have written, a few times, about G.Y.S.T.ing, but I like to remind my readers, new and old, about the process, and show that it can be a big all week long process, or a simple afternoon of puttering, or any number of things in between. Hell, in many ways, much of my thirties has been one big G.Y.S.T.

So, for this, I decided to attack some of the physical projects first, so I can mentally brew on the creative ideas, and then attack them later, in a peaceful place, because I have a clean area, which is important to me. 

Doing things in an order that will allow you to keep the right energy levels, and the right kind of energy, for each task, is important, and also allows you to get to know yourself better, which is how G.Y.S.T.ing starts to pay off big picture. 

So, first I attacked the bathroom, using a method where I take everything I need into the room I am cleaning, and then when I am fully done, leave with everything, including the trash and mess, leaving a clean room I was able to clean without wasting time or energy. 

After I attacked the bathroom I swept the hallway and made my way through the kitchen, doing dishes and cleaning off the counters, before sweeping and dusting the living room. 

I also had some smaller tasks for Lenyn’s upcoming birthday to do, so while I rested from the cleaning binge, I finished those items, and planned for the content I needed to finish, like the vlog I had to watch, and the blog I needed to write, and another I needed to schedule. 

Once I got some housekeeping desk things done, I was able to turn my attention to content, after making some healthy food and cleaning up after that. 

Content done, I looked around pleased, and began to attack the big project, getting back into the work out grind. 

So, I drug out the stationary bike and yoga mat. I cranked the AC. And I got to work. I did my usual work out, hitting some crunches, squats, mountain climbers, push ups, jumping jacks, etc, and then 20 miles on the bike. I felt awesome for the catching up, and then jumped into the shower. 

When all was said and done I had caught up a lot of my content, cleaned my apartment, worked out my body, and was able to pamper myself a little, which is a key ingredient to G.Y.S.Ting- getting your shit together should always involve treating yourself, so hop in a nice shower, throw on a face mask, maybe have a glass of wine or whatever- make sure after you G.Y.S.T. you treat yourself.

Because your shit is together. 

Thanks for reading!



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