Daily Blog #252: Lenyn’s birthday Soiree Recipes! (Start of recipe series!)

Greetings and salutations, blog readers! 

Today I will be starting to drop some of my recipes on you guys! 

These are recipes that were featured at Lenyn’s Birthday Party, which I covered a little on my Vlog Channel over on WeedTube. If you go to that video you will see how little I got to vlog over the course of two days, and will see why I don’t currently have pictures- I will be remaking these dishes as soon as I am able to photograph, however, but I wanted to get these posted to the blog because I promised friends and subscribers to post some of those recipes onto this blog, so here I am, writing all about the recipes I used. 

Anyways, I hate when recipe blogs go on for way too long about the history of an item, when I am looking for a recipe, so I will keep it as short as possible for each recipe. 

First up: The highly requested for every event I do the food for- the Cheeseball!

If you haven’t had a cheese ball, you will likely want to make this, assuming you like cheese and have a soul. If you have had a cheese ball, you will also likely want to make this, assuming you like cheese and have a soul, so, read the recipe and don’t worry if you don’t have everything, I will post some options. The key thing here is cream cheese. 

So, grab that cream cheese, because you will for sure need that. 

For the one I made for the party, I did the following recipe, but, be sure to read (Remember, Reading is Fundamental) to see any fun variations to make it work with whatever you have. 

I used two packs of cream cheese (generic is fine.) I have done this with one, and that is fine, but it goes fast, and this ball was meant for a small group, but over the course of two days, so, I made a big ball. 

One whole package of bacon. Turkey bacon is super okay with this. Regular is also super okay, as is vegan bacon, if you are so inclined. Cut the bacon into little pieces either way. 

Chives, like, a fuck ton. I love chives. Finely chop them, I think this is best for the subtle flavor you want running through the cheeseball.

Some sort of light liquid white dressing, like ranch or bleu cheese. Not much- maybe a tablespoon or so. Seriously, you don’t need much and any dressing will do. I’ve done it with Caesar dressing too- DELICIOUS.

Cheese- I can’t tell you how much, but just add this as needed to help the cheese ball thicken up and hold the shape of the ball. Use your judgment, but also realize that Cheese is one half of the word, and is used to form the second half of the word, Ball, so…go nuts. Cheddar works best, a mix of sharp and mild can be delightful. I have also used a variety of cheeses, but you really wanna have a little cheddar in there, with whatever cheeses you use. Finely grated, I find words better, and also helps your cheese go further. Use the smaller part of your grater for this, if you have it. Mine came from Ikea. I fucking love Ikea.

You will want to mix all your ingredients together, adding seasonings like garlic and onion powder, parsley and pepper, anything else you enjoy, teasing to taste, to the mix, before forming the well mixed mixture into a ball. It should go without saying but wash your hands throughly and use food safe gloves if possible. This ball should then be rolled in some sort of nut, like almonds. Lenyn wanted it also rolled with some cranberries, which I have done in the past, so we also did that for this particular cheese ball. 

For variations, you need only to have the cream cheese, and maybe the cheese, and whatever mixing you have on hand. One mix I have made is with spinach, onion, sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan, for a nice lighter spring one, that has some serious Italian vibes. You could obviously add whatever veggies you would want, just add try stuff like cheese as needed to help form the ball. 

You don’t need to have bacon, or even fresh chives, to make any amazing cheese ball, you just need your imagination. You can also mix vanilla, powdered sugar, maybe even blueberries, strawberries, whatever, and then roll that ball in graham cracker, nuts, berries, or chocolate, for a desert ball of delicious proportions. 

Cheese balls are great because everyone thinks they are so impressive when they are really just a ton of things you probably like shoved together into a ball with cheese, and served with crackers after being rolled in a nut and/or fruit. 

So, go grab some stuff and make one, I hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!

Sorry it didn’t have pictures, I was busy cooking and food prepping, and as of publication, no one had pictures of the food. 



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