Daily Blog #254: My new snake plant!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today we are talking about…my new snake plant!

The other day Bret wanted to go out, so we went to Ikea, which is one of my favorite places, with the intent of maybe eating if the cafe was open, and looking around at some furniture we both needed to look at, like a new desk for him and a work station that is more practical for me. 

I also wanted to look at their live and fake plants to help bring some greenery into the apartment. I had a snake plant in mind, as they look cute, clean the air, and, most importantly in my tiny apartment with literally no natural light, require no light. 

Snake plants, or Sansevieria, clean the air, removing toxins, and even produce oxygen at night, making them ideal plants for the bedroom.

Doubly so if you are a nocturnal person. 

I’m not traveling, so travel Buddha-Dude is chilling.

So, after being disappointed in the Cafe being closed, (I love Ikea food) I looked at several things I would love to have, some for a work area, some for kitchen improvements to give me more space and help me run a small catering/baking business out of my kitchen. 

Eventually, however, I found myself at the end of the store, and after gathering some candles from that section, I found myself trying to social distance, and grateful for a mask, to try and find a snake plant and maybe a better grow light than the weird bluish purple one I have now that gives me a bit of a headache and ruins all my vlog footage. 

Sadly, there were too many people to look for very long, safely, and no one seemed keen on sticking to six feet…and some also didn’t seem to know how face masks even worked, so, once I found a plant I liked, and talked myself out of buying three, I grabbed “the one”, and tried to find a container for it, and failed, so I still need to find a container for this awesome snake plant. Thankfully they are super neglect tolerant so, I have some time. 

We made it through check out, and when I got home, I set up my snake plant in my work area, spreading some crystals around the base and setting the planter, which I still need to replace, on the plate I normally store my burning smudges on. I set these to the side, and my plant seems quite happy. 

I already want like five more, and thankfully, they do clone and propagate fairly easily, so I am looking into getting a few off of this plant, since it is quite large, and also getting a new container for this one. 

Thankfully, these are fairly neglect tolerate plants, in fact, many consider the snake plant to be the strongest and most neglect tolerate plants out there, so, like i said, I think it is okay to have it in a slightly too small store planter until I can find or buy a large one in the coming weeks. As long as I don’t water it too much. 

So, I hope to clone off of it, and also plant into into a larger container, because buying this one snake plant has be obsessed with it, and I need more. 

By the way, I am not the only one in love with my new plant, my cats have been obsessed with staring at it and sleeping by it, so, I think I need to get more asap. 

Feel free to donate or CashApp me Snake Plant money, because I am obsessed! And, plus side, clean air and greenery in a dark, sunless apartment. If you buy it, you can name it.

Thanks for reading!



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