Daily Blog #255: DAbbi’s Recipes- The Infamous Spinach Dip!

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers!

And hello to all the recent followers who have joined me on this blog namely from the recipe blogs.

Today is another recipe blog, however, my cannabis content community can be glad, because today, I am discussing…

DAbbi’s Spinach Dip. 


That spinach dip. The infamous spinach dip from 4/20. 

Now, it should be noted that you can make this spinach dip without ANY infusions, and have a totally child friendly spinach dip. The absence of artichokes makes it easy to make with things you may have on hand, but also feel free to add them in, if you want them. 

For the recipe blog lovers who enjoy me “getting right to the point” I will try to do this, but, this is a recipe I like to talk about, and i also like to break it down so you know where you can make your own modifications so you can make this recipe your own, or at least really get how the dish works together, in a way that allows you to make a cheap quick version, like I had to do on the second night of Lenyn’s birthday soiree. 

So, without further adieu, lets grab the stuff we need. (Crucial: Garlic, cream cheese, frozen spinach, olive oil, butter, seasoning, Helpful: and mozzarella, Parmesan, onion, breadcrumbs.)

Regardless of infusions or not, you will be using butter and olive oil. If you wish to infuse the dip…You guessed it, start (yes, start, this is a big girl spinach dip that knocks people on their ass, i infuse it multiple ways for layered dosing that leads to a great buzz for consumers with higher tolerances and dosage needs. You obviously should medicate and infuse, like with seasoning, to your OWN specific needs.) START with butter and oil. I like to use a little of both for flavor. 

Mince up some garlic and toss that in there- I use tons of garlic, normally several little cloves, so…use as much as you like. If you have onion, yellow or white would be okay, again, to your own tastes. If you want to make it just like me, use several cloves of large garlic, and about half an onion, the later being optional. 

Once you have the garlic toasted up a bit and onions a bit transluscent (it’s okay if they aren’t done, this whole thing will cook longer later) go ahead and add in the frozen spinach. I like to add a bit of lemon pepper whenever i use spinach, because spinach will absorb so many seasonings, and i find if i put lemon pepper on the spinach first, it lets everything pop and the spinach also can shine. Seriously, try it out, even if you hate lemon pepper, which, i am normally not a fan of. 

So, cook the spinach in the butter, olive oil, garlic and optional onions, with some lemon pepper on the spinach. Once the spinach is cooked down a bit, not as frozen, and can be mixed a little, go ahead and season it a bit if you want. I season and infuse often. Feel free to add more olive oil or butter if you need as well. 

Once this mixture is nearly cooked together, go ahead and add the cream cheese. For me I use at least one package of cream cheese for every bag of frozen spinach. Go ahead and add some mozzarella to this, but make sure you save some for topping later. Also add some Parmesan, reserving some for topping the dip. Once this is cooked mixing, if you want to add more infusions ( I always do this step) mix in some decarbed or naturally heat derived and therefore not needing a decarb, THC wax concentrate. 

The kind of concentrate you use will dictate the decarboxilation, if you are having to do so. (Decarb/decarboxilation is the process of heating the THCA to make it active THC, without it you aren’t getting the full impact of your edibles. If you are are making your own, this is probably the reason they don’t hit right, not decarbing the flower, or wax, being used.) I don’t like having to fuck with this process if I can avoid it, and always use heat derived THC wax concentrate for a few reasons, namely, i don’t want extra chemicals in my smoke, my vapor, or my food, and i don’t want to spend time having to decarb. Using a naturally heat derived THC wax, you need only heat it to melt it into the mixture, to deliver the experience. This is seriously my best tip for infusions, so…don’t sleep on this, if you want to infuse your food. 

Unless you aren’t a regular cannabis consumer! This is a “big girl” tip for regular smokers, use MUCH smaller amounts if you aren’t a regular user. Using concentrates for any edible is a way to reduce cost, on creating the edibles but you need to know how little to use if you don’t often imbibe. Also, if you don’t imbibe often, the butter and oil is likely enough, more so if you got the butter or oil from me. 

Anyways, if you do the wax, PLEASE make sure it FULLY melts and is fully incorporated into the mixture. I always end up stirring this for a good long while, normally over a joint and conversation, to make sure. 

Once it is fully incorporated and the dip is “ready” I will line a pan with parchment paper if it’s an option, an fill the pan with the dip. On top, I add the cheese, and breadcrumbs, to get a nice crust on the dip, and pop that bad boy in the oven, nothing higher than 350, less if your oven runs hot. 325 will get you there. (Don’t burn off the THC and CBD in the dip) 

Cook until the top is delicious golden brown. Serve with chips or bread or both, and enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!



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