Daily Blog #256: Productive Self Care!

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers!

Today, as I type this, it is Tuesday! I am using today as a “self care” day, but, with a super productive twist. 

Which, led me to think of a fun blog topic we could discuss today, and since my to-do list involves writing new blogs, I can sit and rest during my tasks, and work on more, all while serving my self care goals. 

My goals, for today, are to take care of a bunch of small things that have added up, and a few other key projects I have been meaning to tackle, to clear up some mental space and hopefully help me feel a bit better because I have been feeling QUITE under the weather. 

Nothing major, and nothing for long, but I will have periods of my stomach feeling quesy for an hour or so, or feeling really hot and feverish while not doing anything, but it passes after an hour or so. 

All in all, I don’t feel great, but it comes in waves, so, I figured maybe I needed some self care…but as that yesterday I tried to take a chill day for me and ended up feeling worse, likely from staring at all the things I needed to do, I thought I would spend today doing some self care that would make me feel better.

It is important to remeber that self care isn’t always spending a ton of money on a special treat, or doing a massage or facial. 

Sometimes self care is doing the work you need to do, to feel better. 

For me, I have several cluttered messes I need to tend to, and some projects that need some tackling. I have cleaning I want to do, and content to schedule for the week, and it is unlikely that I can relax and rest until I handle all of that 

Tomorrow I will be seeing my bestie Amber, and that generally helps me feel pretty relaxed, so maybe I will use tomorrow during the day as a chill day, and the evening for socialing, but for now, I want to make sure I spend a few hours today enjoying a clean apartment…

So, last night I made a long list of things I needed to tackle, and today, I have attacked a few of those things. Then, my stomach started feeling bad (before then switching to hungry) so I sat down to write this blog, once I finish I will probably make some food and then get back to tackling the rest of this list. 

I wanted to talk about things you can do for self care, and the importance of getting these things done so you can enjoy your downtime. 

For me, this means getting some content loaded and scheduled. It means cleaning the bathroom, organizing some clutter, doing some dusting and mopping…and tackling projects like cleaning out my fridge and organizing my baking supplies for the edibles I make. 

I encourage you all to make a list of things you know you need to do, things that stop you from enjoying your precious down time, and have some true peace for actual self care and relaxation. 

Not to mention, you are positioned to do better and have better success in the coming week, for the efforts you made, which, having an easier day to day, is easily, one of the best forms of self care you can indulge in!

So, I am going to get to the rest of my to-do list, and work on finding some mental peace and stability for some great self care. I encourage you to tackle any projects or messes you have been putting off, and indulge in a great form of productive self care. 

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Daily Blog #256: Productive Self Care!

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