Daily Blog #257: (Writing series) Considering publication options for Flake City. (Questions in self publishing)

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today…we are talking about Flake City!

As you all know, much of my free time is now spent working on editing and finishing up Flake City. I am doing this work in an effort to self publish volume one of Flake City, making me a one woman publishing house….

I am exhausted. 

The problem with doing that is you are the only one. For writing the tough scenes I skipped when I wrote the whole thing, for adjusting dialogue, for checking for grammar, for marketing the publication, for creating the artwork, for fact checking parts of the story, for creating a continuity time-line, for every single thing, it’s only me. 

That’s a lot, considering that my online presence is so small I will likely not sell any copies. Please don’t think this is some pity party, as it isn’t, it is merely me knowing that without more people following me, I won’t sell many copies, and I am okay with that, truly, because I love Flake City. 

But, I also want to make my writing accessible so if you want to buy a copy you can, but if you want to be able to read and enjoy some good reading, you can too. 

Too often we make our writing inaccessible to people, and I really do believe that reading is fundamental…and I also think I have some important things being said in Flake City, so I want people to be able to read if I can at all help that happen. 

So I have been thinking, at others advice and my own considerations, publishing parts of Flake City, which I have talked about previously on the blog. So, I have been considering publishing it, and, in truth, I have actually posted a Flake City related story or two, on the blog, one was very clearly labeled as such, and one is actually not specified to be in Flake City, but as the writer of Flake City I know that character shows up in Flake City. 

So I have thought about posting a chapter or more a week, to slowly publish Flake City, and then, of course, the final final version, with the fanciest of editing and best of illustrations I could figure out, will be published, online and off, for purchase, but, the blog, my brain child, would have Flake City available to read. 


I know you are likely thinking “But, Abbi, uh…how are you gonna make any money? Doesn’t your ass wanna make some money?”

Thank you for your consideration, I DO in fact want to make money, I have tons of bills to pay, and I would love to pay them with my art. (You can help and also own Two Broke Girls by clicking this link for the full season, available for purchase on Amazon. Use this link and I make pennies, which lets me pay bills. But I digress.) 

Here is what I do know- 

I love the show Two Broke Girls. I relate to Max Black, and I am even running a small cupcake business on the side, much like Max. I wish I had all seasons on DVD, or streaming services. I don’t. What I do have is three minute videos in a play list I can watch for free on YouTube. 

Here’s the thing. Watching those clips that make up segmented episodes doesn’t stop me from wanting the DVD’s if anything it makes me want them more. 

I am really hoping if I publish parts of my story on here, it will only make you want to buy the real thing, but if you can’t afford it, my writing is still accessible to everyone with internet, which is an increasingly available resource.

So now the question becomes, do I release Flake City, in sections, once a week or so? Flake City Fridays or something?

Will people read it? I don’t know. People read me, a small dedicated group, I love you people, and a few others who find me by hash-tags, but again, the idea isn’t will they read it, because I love it, it matters, but, will people enjoy that delivery?

The last thing you want is people you want to enjoy it, the people who do write it for, the people who are like you and will love it, but they don’t enjoy the delivery system. 

What I mean is: I write, this especially, for people who are like me and would enjoy it the way I would. This is very much “the content I want to see”, and therefore I am making it, because I couldn’t find it. I would hate for someone like me to not enjoy that delivery. 

But, I also know if I found something like that online, I would at very least binge it. The first time I discovered the webcomic CTRL+ALT+DLTE I stayed up literally all night reading all the back catalogue. 

So, I am wondering if I should, or not. 

And, if I do, that means when do I declare “chapter one” or whatever is “part one” done enough to publish, and do I publish it in sequential weeks? As they are finished? My goal has been to have them out by halloween of this year, so, then the question becomes do I want the first one out by then or the last one, although I think I would want the last one out by Halloween.


I don’t know. It is all unknown, but…It is what it is, I suppose. That is what I am pondering right now. You are welcome to comment or DM me on any social medias (@AbbiGrasso) if you have any input, it woud be wonderful to hear from you. Shout out to those of you who anseered on my IG poll, or DMed me already about it, like Pam, who rocks, and has her own awesome brainchild, by way of her own blog, so check it out. 

Thanks for reading!



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